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17 alternative and related products to StickyList

Your throwaway sticky note for your daily tasks. Digitized.
StickyList is just a sticky note for your next priorities.
It isn’t feature rich, but it is powerful when used right.
No Sync.
No Reminders.
No Repeat.
Focus on your work, not our app.
Only stored on your device.
Drag & Drop for prioritising.
And Dark Mode🌙
17 Alternatives to StickyList

When inspiration happens, put it on Paper. Paper is the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches. Create checklists, spotlight details in photos, and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease — Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you.

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Yigit Pinarbasi
Yigit Pinarbasi
I'm using Paper and I'm so happy. So quick to use and easy to take notes, make lists etc.
Oksana Sudarkina
Oksana Sudarkina
Though there are many similar taking app like Paper, it is almost my favorite product working great in all iPad models and Mac. I like the color scheme and minimal interface.
Kunal Bhatia
Kunal Bhatia
I love what FiftyThree has done with their products, especially Paper and Think Kit. Not sure how you take notes, but these apps changed my whole approach to taking notes. I think more visually and try to do more sketch notes. With Paste by FiftyThree, soon you can bring your notes to collaborate with your Slack team. This type of interaction makes notetakin… See more
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39 Alternatives to Paper 3.0

Thought Train is an app that keeps your notes neatly tucked into your menubar, right where you can see them

✅ 10,000+ users

✅ Keep a list of quick notes

✅ Highlight more than one thought, and they'll scroll like a carousel

✅ Stop tabbing around

Marc Perel
Marc Perel
It's certainly not a replacement, but an app I created to compliment your workflow. Always having your notes at a glance means you don't have to switch tabs or lose concentration.
Marc Perel
Marc Perel
When you're studying it's likely that you have 100s of browser tabs and 10s of apps open. Taking notes is a pain, but tabbing around is even worse. Thought Train helps you solved that burden by keeping your short notes accessible at all times.
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A post for those who care about how apps are priced, and how people behave when faced with choice... TL;DR: I changed from free "pay what you want" to $3,99+ and earnings have drastically stabilised.
Thought Train est un utilitaire très simple qui permet de gérer quelques tâches basiques. Ne cherchez pas un gestionnaire de projets complets, avec dates et mot-clés, ici l'idée est simplement de noter ce que vous devez faire dans la journée, ou quelque chose à garder en tête.
Indie Hackers
Almost a full year ago, I came up with the idea for an app which would help me get the better of my mild add using a very simple method: putting notes into my Mac OS Menubar, where I can glance at them without switching tabs.
I typically start every work day by creating a list of the things I need to accomplish that day. Once something I did in the Notes app, I eventually moved to just using a page in a notebook.
20 Alternatives to Thought Train

Whimsical Sticky Notes is a visual project management tool designed for effective communication.

It's like physical stickies but collaborative and limitless. Great for Kanban, Affinity Mapping, Lean Canvas, Story Mapping etc.

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I used to think of project management as a necessary evil. Necessary? For sure. But evil? The problem was all the bullshit that often plagues project management. Complex tools, convoluted processes, wasteful meetings. Over the years I learned the secret. Good project management is good communication. Everything else is a distraction.
16 Alternatives to Whimsical Sticky Notes

With one quick photo, instantly convert dozens of handwritten sticky notes into digital ones in the Miro app. Keep your ideas flowing by organizing and editing them on Miro's collaborative whiteboard canvas, and even turn your notes into Jira tasks or tables

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MiroBlog | A blog by Miro
We found a way to maximize the creative moments we have with our team and minimize the overwhelming logistics.
9 Alternatives to Stickies Capture by Miro

Replace your Sticky Notes with Thought Train 2, the perfect note taking app for taking quick notes and accessing them immediately.
An app built for your Mac menubar or PC taskbar.
🚨Due to COVID-19 Thought Train 2 is now free until the end of April 🚨

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Thought Train just moved up a notch in helping you get on top of your working days! Now with everyone at home, we're in-undated with video calls, Zoom meetings and Slack pings all day. To-do mode for a better view of accomplishments I've been using Thought Train to keep on top of my most immediate [...]
It sure has been a crazy passed few weeks all around the world. With social distancing, lock downs, closed schools and everything else going on, staying productive has been more difficult than ever. With that said, to help productivity, I've decided to make Thought Train pay-what-you-want until the end of April.
I've just released an update of Thought Train which brings a super useful text editor, a new once-off price, beautiful new icons and quick-share buttons... just in time for Black Friday! I've also extended everyone's trial to the end of Cyber Monday 🤔 Read on to find out what the update is all about...
12 Alternatives to Thought Train 2

Convert your handwritten notes into text 200x faster than typing using photos for sticky notes and voice-to-text for everything else! Manage and share your notes however you like, and export directly to Jira, Google Sheets and Trello 👾

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5 Alternatives to Brill

This is a simple yet very powerful notepad.

Anything you write in notepad gets backed up to your browser, so it’s always there even if you restart your browser or if it happens to crash.

This works offline too!

Mahesh Thumar
Mahesh Thumar
Supports rich text editing and multiple notes. Distraction free. Just notes nothing else!
8 Alternatives to Notepad

LeanBoard is a collaborative whiteboard with sticky notes that connects with your GitHub issue. Login with your GitHub account, create a board for an issue and a snapshot of your notes are embedded in the issue automatically.

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The GitHub Blog
All of us share a lot of links on GitHub. In fact, nearly one-third of comments on issues and pull requests include a link. Hidden behind each of those links is important context that can inform the conversation.
8 Alternatives to LeanBoard
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