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Stickler CI
Focus on your project, not formatting.

Stickler CI provides automated code review for GitHub pull requests. By automating the tedious parts of code review away, your team has more time to focus on providing feedback on what the code is doing, not how it is formatted. Stickler CI helps improve style in PHP, python, ruby, CSS, JavaScript, Go, Swift, Java, Ansible, and Puppet.
OKR goal-planning and execution management software
14 Alternatives to Stickler CI

LayerCI - a GitHub integration that helps developers review changes visually instead of looking at code.

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LayerCI is a venture-backed, cloud-based CI/CD platform that provides an on-demand, full stack demo environment for every developer change. The first iteration of the core technology was created by CEO and co-founder, Colin Chartier, who was first motivated to pursue it after working as the Chief Technology Officer of a multimillion dollar SaaS company.
BioBox Analytics | Venture-backed Data Analytics Platform for Scientists Using Kubernetes How BioBox Analytics took their testing pipeline from hours to minutes with LayerCI About the customer: BioBox Analytics [ See more
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