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Stealthy: Secret Messenger

Stealthy: Secret Messenger alternatives and competitors

4 reviews
Chat anonymously with friends & strangers

Top alternatives for Stealthy: Secret Messenger

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Burner Mail

    1 review

    Truly disposable, easy to manage email addresses that protect you and your life from being constantly analysed and spammed to death.

    Burner Emails helps you protect your inbox by providing virtual email addresses that forward all incoming emails to your personal account.

  • Berkanan

    2 reviews

    Berkanan is a simple Bluetooth messaging app for chatting with people nearby. It makes it really easy to have public and private conversations with nearby users without the need for Wi-Fi or cellular connectivity. No account needed.

    Great idea, coverage can be large with "relay people".

  • ShareAccount

    2 reviews

    An open source chrome extension which shares your current session. It uses cryptography to ensure that only the recipient can decode the result. There are no servers involved

    In the back it uses private/public key encryption, so it's super safe and you know that you'll only share your account with a particular per…

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  • Turtle

    6 reviews

    Turtle is a new kind of anonymous communication app. Turtle is an app that lets you message people and remain anonymous for three days. This concept leads to more fun and genuine conversations.

    Turtle 2.0 includes many new features and improvements such as:

    -Instagram integration

    -Location, age, and gender

    -School pages

    -Friend lists

    -And more

    I love this app, really, the UI is just so beautiful, and the transitions so smooth, it seems they did care a lot about UX, and paid special…

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  • Reveal

    Simple, safe, and fun anonymous chat
  • Vuash


    Vuash is a web app that lets you send encrypted messages that can only be opened once. It's free and open source.

  • Voice Roulette

    1 review

    Voice Roulette is a place to talk to strangers and maybe meet your next new internet friend

    we just tried it out and already had a great conversation - if you guys add a very basic chat possibility (for exchanging links / contact in…

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  • Planely

    Planely is injecting excitement and purpose into air travel. By registering your flight with us we help connect you with others who will be on the same flight, or at the same departure and arrival airports as you.

    People are using us to generate new business, make new friends, guarantee themselves a quiet flight and even find new love.

  • Blind - Topics

    An anonymous community for tech professionals
  • Tick Chat

    1 review

    The app, allows people to chat with others in the same area with anonymously. This app alike snapchat for ideas. You can chat others with same trend topic, snap ideas, even ask a question to the whole country!

    First time trying it and it seems pretty cool! The founder is online so had a nice chat with him.

    Hopefully it won't end being the next Omegl…

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  • beepFM

    1 review
    beepFM is an interactive audio experience where users can record and listen to anonymous voicemails. You can leave a secret, memory, confession, rant, apology, desire, story, dream, ambition, or anything else you’d like to get off your chest.
  • Secret So Far

    A simple platform to anonymously share your secrets.
  • Nah

    Tinder meets Facebook Messenger 🤖 💕
  • Backpack

    Finding people on campus with similar interests, classes, and projects can be hard. Backpack connects you to the people you need to know.

  • Tiki

    Burner for the Snapchat generation
  • Foxsy

    A matchmaker for new friends on Messenger
  • Peach Confessions

    Confess anonymously on Peach
  • Chatty

    Chat with strangers all around the world in Messenger
  • Secret Saucer

    1 review

    Secret Saucer is an anonymous space for colleagues to share and discuss things about their workplace. Here, employees are free to speak their mind without being afraid of negative consequences. We require that you have access to your company email every time you sign in. Only current employees get in, making discussions private and relevant!

    easy to sign up, never shares your position or name and makes it easy to understand current themes with teammates anonymously

  • Ditto

    Chat to strangers anonymously within Facebook Messenger