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Stay Home, Take Care is a social distancing care package, curated to help you stay in and take care of yourself and others. Updated daily w/ activities, recommendations, and more to keep you comforted, entertained, and supported. Made by Girls' Night In.

Top alternatives for Stay Home, Take Care

  • WFH Care Package

    Send your employees a Work From Home Care Package to boost morale and alleviate stress. Packages include a bag of premium coffee, a snack, a candy bar, a notebook, a pen, a logic game book, a gift card, and a personal note. Proceeds support local non-profits.
  • 6 Feet Calculator

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    πŸ“ 6 feet =
    🍌 9 bananas
    πŸ• 5.14 Dominos pizza boxes
    πŸƒ 20.57 playing cards
    🍦 14.40 pints of ice cream
    Shuffle through 100+ random household objects!
  • WFH Best Practices

    We hand-picked this list of the internet's best resources to amp up your remote work game. πŸ₯°
  • Envoy Protect

    As workplaces begin re-opening and employees start returning to work, health and safety will be more important than ever. Announcing Envoy Protect, a solution to help keep your team safe, manage employees entering your space, track capacity limits, and more.
  • Hallway

    Schedule breaks while working remote to talk with your co-workers. Join a 10 min ephemeral video chat room for a breather. It'll feel just like bumping into your friend at work in the hallway!
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  • HQ Cafe

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    Working from home takes away the in-person opportunities for appreciating a colleague for their hard work. At HQ Cafe, you can share a public shoutout to that deserving teammate who went above and beyond and buy them a coffee to show your appreciation!
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  • BuddyBox

    A subscription care package for anyone who needs a boost
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  • Small Packages

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    Small Packages is a curated care package service that helps you stay connected when you can't show up in person. We have gifts for the great times (birthdays!promotions!) and the bad times (from break-ups to isolation). Each box comes with a handwritten note.
  • Lunch Next

    Lunch Next helps local merchants such as restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, beauticians, theatres etc. easily start offering digital vouchers online in under 20 minutes. Customers automatically receive vouchers via email.
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  • Lonely Together

    Telecommuting is cool. But it’s really hard to get an opportunity to talk with new people. LonelyTogether is a community that helps you to find a topic and talk buddy with anytime when it suits you. A call-first community for remote workers.
  • #Stayhome Streaks

    Beat My Streak is a simple website that encourages people to stay home via streaks. Start your #stayhome streak and help the world defeat the coronavirus!
  • Care Packages by Giftata

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    We've partnered with local boutique and artisanal businesses that were deemed non-essential and have been forced to close. We're including products from these local businesses in our care packages, along with difficult to find essentials. Proceeds go to 501c
  • SoloCoin

    Solocoin is an app that rewards users to engage in social-distancing. Users will earn coins which they can later redeem for Partner Coupons. They can compete with users via leaderboards for achievements and badges which they can later share with their friends.
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  • Sidewalk Widths NYC

    Meli Harvey is a Computational designer at Sidewalk Labs and developed this application to help people of New York. You can scroll through the streets and find out which streets are safer to take a walk while heading to your office, or going back home.
  • Home Sweet Home

    Why? During shelter-at-home, it's very easy to turn a 20-minute trip into a 2-hr wandering in Wal*Mart because our brains are starting to crave away time. So, I made this to help ourselves.
    It's a public service. Doing my little part.