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StatusCake alternatives and competitors

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Free unlimited website monitoring

Top alternatives for StatusCake

Your all-in-one product research platform
  • WebGazer

    4 reviews

    WebGazer is a website monitoring platform leveraging serverless infrastructure to deliver affordable service.

    We check if your website is up as it should be and notify you if anything goes wrong. You can choose to be notified via e-mail or Slack (phone call and text message notifications are coming soon).

    my hosting provider never tells me the real uptime. Webgazer is the real face of the mirror

  • Hexowatch 3.0

    9 reviews
    Free options
    Featuring 12 different types of monitors, Hexowatch is your recon drone sidekick that alerts you when visual, content, price, code, tech stack, backlink or just about any type of change is detected on a page or API endpoint.
  • Crisp Status Page

    4 reviews

    Crisp Status Page lets you monitor your servers in realtime.

    Great to inform your users if something goes wrong with your infrastructure.

  • Oh Dear!

    3 reviews

    Oh Dear! is an easy way to track the uptime & SSL health for your websites & apps. It's website monitoring without the hassle!

    Oh Dear is a fully featured app, with an API, webhook support, Slack/HipChat/Pushover/Mail alerts & plenty more in the pipeline. You can try it for 10 days, no strings attached!

    Beautiful UI, simple setup, extensive notifications and alerts.

  • Hexometer 2.0

    4 reviews
    Hexometer 2.0 brings a new UI, more features and brand new Agency plans designed to make life easier for those managing many websites.
  • Freshping 2.0 by Freshworks

    3 reviews
    Freshping is an all in one uptime monitoring tool with 50 checks at 1 minute interval from 10 global locations and 5 live public status pages for FREE.
    Now, Freshping 2.0 comes with advanced capabilities like SSL Monitoring, Advanced Alerting and more.
  • Sup, Status?

    5 reviews
    During downtimes, we drown in endless questions & emails 😿
    Now, your customers can check your status page, so you can focus on getting things back on track 💪
  • Statusfy

    Statusfy is a Status Page System, completely Open Source, easy to use and deploy to a variety of hosting services. The goal behind is to lower costs and complexity providing a simpler and versatile Open Source alternative.

  • Oh Dear

    4 reviews
    Complete website monitoring: from multiple locations, broken links, mixed content detection, advanced SSL certificate reporting.
  • Suprvise

    1 review
    Suprvise is a real-time website health monitoring dashboard.
    We built this tool because to help SaaS makers and e-commerce website owners to monitor their websites in real time. You should always know if your website goes down so you can fix it!
  • Website Checker

    This app allows you to see if your website (or any website) is currently online. If we find out that the website on your list is down or offline, we will send you an email to let you know. You can set up a schedule to check your website as often as every 5 minutes.

  • DownStatus

    Outages and downtime status reports
  • Hexometer

    6 reviews
    Based on AI technology the Hexometer™ hygiene monitoring periodically scans over 2800 data points on your website to make sure your digital assets are in pristine condition. It will also give you tips and tricks on how to improve your website’s hygiene.
  • My Status Page

    Create a Status Page and peep customers updated of incidents, maintenance, outages and more...
  • Avospy.com

    Website monitoring, instant alerts, SEO analyzer and more
  • BoltAPI

    Monitor your site and certificate in realtime from all over the globe. When something is down get notified in many different ways.
    Everything should have 100% uptime, all the time.
  • BytesMatter

    Payment required
    Real user monitoring that gives
    you complete operational
    awareness and hyper-contextual insight
    into user experience on your
  • Cloudprobes

    Cloudprobes provides a simple way of monitoring websites and API endpoints ensuring that your services are reachable for your users at all times.
  • StatusNotify

    StatusNotify monitors the service status page of over 250 cloud services. See the unified dashboard to check how the services are performing. Configure alerts to Email, SMS, Call, Webhook and Slack. If any service goes down that you depend on, your team will be immediately notified.