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4 alternative and related products to StarWarsIntro.css

A CSS Library for embedding the Star Wars Intro Crawl
Powerful product analytics.
4 Alternatives to StarWarsIntro.css

Star Wars Intro Creator lets you customize the Star Wars movie intro video with text on your wish. If you are a big fan or you just want to joke around with your friends, you can now do it with this intro creator. Have fun and may the force be with you!

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Inside the Magic
What "Star Wars" fan hasn't wanted to see their very own intro crawl across the screen in the style of the famous space saga? Star Wars Intro Creator lets fans do just that, create their own intro sequence and then watch it scroll across the screen to the epic John Williams theme.
Laughing Squid
Star Wars Intro Creator is a wonderful website, developed by Bruno Orlandi and based on the work of Tim Pietrusky, that allows users to write their own adventures and display them as a classic Star Wars style opening crawl.
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awsm.css is a very simple CSS library for your pet project, blog or homepage.

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Finally, the colors. I must say, that I like the black and white version of awsm.css, because it's simple, and because when I change the color temperature of my screen, I get softly orange. But I understand that someone may want to create an unusual website, so I added seven color themes and made it possible to create new ones effortlessly.
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