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Standard Notes alternatives and competitors

5 reviews

Top alternatives for Standard Notes

Import spreadsheets in 60 seconds
  • Paper 3.0

    1 review

    When inspiration happens, put it on Paper. Paper is the best way to capture and connect your notes, photos, and sketches. Create checklists, spotlight details in photos, and sketch diagrams with unbeatable speed and ease — Paper is like a wall of sticky notes for everything that inspires you.

    I would like to try this out. If you need me to post on my IG, send me a sample.

  • Hey Meta

    7 reviews

    Meta tags enable search engines, social networks, and messaging services get the required information from your website and display it in a visual way instead of just a plain old link. Hey Meta helps you generate those meta tags by editing your existing ones or writing new ones which you generate and easily place on your website.

    All in all a good tool to tweak your meta tags to make it look good and seo friendly.

  • Better Notes

    Simple notes app that ties notes together with #hashtags
  • nuka

    5 reviews
    Payment required
    Hi, it's nuka.me!
    BBC featured & 3 times reddot awarded eternal stationery
    Reusable notebook & never-ending pencil
    It comes with an app that turns handwriting into digital
    Shipping started Oct. Currently sold out 6500/6500
    Pre-order with -30%, get one in Feb
  • Manifest

    3 reviews
    Manifest is a grid-based pinboard for notes. Simply click and drag anywhere to create a memo and snap it to the grid. All memos can be moved, resized and deleted. Your browser's local storage is also utilized to save notes between sessions and while offline.
  • Milanote for iOS

    4 reviews
    Milanote is an easy-to-use tool to organize your ideas and projects into visual boards. Add notes, images, links and files, organize them visually and share them with your team. The Next Web described Milanote as “The Evernote for creatives”.

    Milanote was already my goto tool to organize all my ideas, moodboards, etc and now with an app as a companion, I can quickly organize every…

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  • Tempad

    1 review

    Tempad is a subscription-free, ad-free and simple yet innovative way of typing of note taking.

    Featuring forever free syncing with iOS + Android without iCloud lock-in.

    No hassle, no distractions, just you and your notes.

    macOS: FREE

    iOS: FREE

    Android: Was planned. Cancelled.

    Launching an IOS only app tells the world that the product's makers are not inclusive and could be 1%-ers (rich elites) that only interact w…

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  • Laverna

    An open source Evernote alternative
  • Box Notes

    A note-taking app built for teams
  • Memo

    Own your own private data, store it with
    Github's gists and access it from anywhere, anytime.

  • Turtl

    Your open source private space (Evernote alternative) 🐢
  • Serenity Notes

    Compose private notes, optionally share them with others and still stay in control of who can access your data. All while having an excellent offline-first experience on all platforms.
  • Jott

    1 review
    Jott is a note-taking system, with superfast local notes, to help you better organize & use your knowledge. Connect similar ideas with bidirectional links or share note titles e.i jottt.xyz/cats to suggest note topics to others.
  • Notabase

    1 review
    Free options
    Notabase is a powerful and easy-to-use note-taking app for networked thinking. Connect your ideas together and write more effortlessly.
  • Paper

    🔥PWA Based
    📖 OpenSource
    ⛓️ Easy Share
    🔌 No Internet
    🖥️ LocalStorage
    📠 Share through QR
    🌗 Dark/Light Theme
    📱🔄📱 Easy Mobile🔄PC/Mobile Note Transfer
  • FSNotes

    2 reviews

    FSNotes is modern text editor (like nvALT) on steroids.

    FSNotes respect open formats: plain/text, markdown, rtf, and stores data in file system. You can view, edit, copy data in favourite external editor and see live result in FSNotes.

    Markdown eidtor highlight code blocks on 170 languages, inline images available too.

    Swift 4, open source.

    the only fast and simple note app I know of, that has code highlighting and a very nice markdown support

  • Notekeeper

    An easy to use note keeping app available on all platforms with data stored on your own storage! Fully decentralized based on Blockstack platform. Also, fully open source!
  • bilgge.

    bilgge is a free service which makes you feel as if you were storing data in a real safe house. instead of saying "it uses end-to-end encryption" then asking you 8+ characters password to protect your data, it gives you power to encrypt your data by yourself in your browser.
  • Noted SMS

    Noted is an SMS-powered note taking app. Text us your notes and we'll help keep them organized. Mobile app not included 🔋📝
    Our example list is weird. Make a better one! Text (855) 963-1871 the word 'Hi' to get started.
  • Emojinote

    Introducing Emojinote, the first note-taking app that uses emoji to organize notes.
    It's really that simple.