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Squat for crypto
Earn Crypto for exercising

We're making fitness FUN with squat for lympo. Just place your phone on the floor or on a table and start squatting. Using computer vision A.I. the app will detect your squats automatically through the front facing camera.

You should be rewarded for exercising. Earn Lympo, a health and fitness cyrptocurrency for doing squats.

8 Alternatives to Squat for crypto

This captcha forces you to do 10 squats to continue.
Works with chrome/firefox, desktop environment and also a webcam is required.
There is available a Chrome extension to prevent compulsive purchases on amazon, more info

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This captcha forces you to do 10 squats to continue. This demo works with chrome/firefox, desktop environment and also a webcam. Simple form with Squat Captcha Click the button and enable the webcam to try this infamous captcha. Prevent compulsive purchases on amazon, after installing this extension you are forced to do 10 squats to buy any product on amazon… See more
Si estás cansado de ver Captchas a lo largo de Internet y necesitas hacer algo de ejercicio tras tantos meses de confinamiento, quizás deberías echar un vistazo a Squat Captcha, una invención tan alocada como ingeniosa. Miquel Camps es el desarrollador detrás de esta herramienta, que nos pedirá que hagamos diez sentadillas si queremos avanzar en una determin… See more
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Hay captchas de todo tipo en Internet. Desde las ecuaciones matemáticas hasta el típico que nos pide seleccionar semáforos o autobuses entre un conjunto de fotos, pero ninguno es tan original y complejo como el que os presentamos hoy.
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iRewardHealth is a simple tool for companies to create an authentic and approachable culture of health. With this release, we are focused on being accessible to startups and small businesses. Employers can create rewards their employees will love, and help motivate their people to take small daily steps toward being healthier.

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A local app is running a city-wide wellness competition. We already know that Boston is a healthy city-we even won a gold medal for our commitment to wellness-but there's always room for improvement. This summer, an app called iRewardHealth is running a promotion that will help Bostonians live even healthier lives, and give back to the community in the proce… See more
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