Alternative products to Sprints by Ora

11 alternative and related products to Sprints by Ora

Sprints by Ora
Simple, but powerful Agile Project Management

A complete suite for agile scrum, Sprints by Ora is provides your team

with the ability to estimate stories in story points assign stories to sprints

see a burn-down, velocity and and other useful metrics.

As part of Ora, Sprints are free to up to 3 members.

Ora is the cleanest, most versatile and customizable workspace

you will ever find.

A free lightweight IDE optimized for building UI web tests.
11 Alternatives to Sprints by Ora

Scrumpy is a simple, beautiful and agile project management software. Add all your tasks to the Backlog and start working in Sprints. We'll help you to stay focused.

Baptiste Jamin
Scrumpy is an awesome product, simple to use, and really well designed
Baptiste Jamin
Scrumpy is a awesome product, simple to use, and really well designed
Saurabh Yadav
I'm using it every day for my projects management. It helped me to increase my productivity.
Around the web
We are building a REST API and a single page application. Most people would choose something like Node.js and React for this project. But we took something different and are really happy with our choices by now.
While working agile, you put a lot of energy in managing the process. Nonetheless, we hope you don't put too much effort in estimations (because "people over processes"). But if you take your time to estimate all the small tasks, you should get the most out of it.
14 Alternatives to Scrumpy

Codegiant includes pretty yet powerful tools for agile project management. It is meant to be a single platform for project management 💼

Codegiant includes issue tracking, hosted Git repositories, continuous integration and documentation in a single platform. Slack Integrations, API integrations are also in place with Codegiant.

Nikhil Bansal
Looks very clean!
Jitesh Dugar
It's trending on ProductHunt today so it's worth talking about. Been using Codegiant since a week and it seems a great tool for agile project planning and management. Having a bunch of features like documentation, issue tracking, hosted git repositories and continuous integration, makes Codegiant a brilliant choice for end-to-end project management until p… See more
Jitesh Dugar
I have been looking for Jira alternatives that could support end-to-end agile project development starting from issue tracking to git repositories to continuous integrations to documentation and I came across Codegiant. It's truly a prettier version of Jira that is free for up to 5 users. Codegiant has beautiful yet powerful agile project management tools.… See more
Around the web
Our team has been working very hard over the past year to bring you Codegiant. After several months of testing and hotfixes, we are finally live! Codegiant is our take on the perfect developer platform. We wanted a unified experience that included issue tracking, hosted repositories, continuous integration and documentation.
12 Alternatives to Codegiant

Codegiant provides a fully integrated workflow for developers. It is a single platform that includes issue tracking, hosted git repositories, CI/CD & Publishable Documentation.
It is a pretty yet powerful Jira alternative.

Around the web
Ugh... the agile development topic again! Does it ever get old? No, I don't think so! And when you think of agile development, what's the first thing that pops up in your head? Jira, of course! Jira Software, developed by Atlassian, has been the number one choice among software development tools used by agile teams for quite some time now.
t3n News
Das Projektmanagement-Tool Jira hat viele Features - kann aber auch schnell unübersichtlich und teuer werden. Codegiant 2.0 will mit schlankem Design, kostenlosem Einsteigerpaket und schneller Einrichtung überzeugen. Jira von Atlassian ist der Platzhirsch der agilen Projektmanagement-Tools. Es überzeugt mit unzähligen Features und Anpassungsmöglichkeiten: Sc… See more
7 Alternatives to Codegiant 2.0
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