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5 alternative and related products to SprinkleBit


Built like a hedge fund.

Titan is a mobile investing app built like a hedge fund, without the high fees or requirements of a traditional fund. The founding team has deep expertise in the industry and was frustrated that everyday investors were left behind.

Andrew- I move numbers until they make you happy
Managing investing more like Warren Buffet tells us to. We can all enjoy the dream of throwing money into Robinhood, playing the market, and being a winner - but that isn't what has made our current financial titans (hurr hurr, cheap pun) reach where they are now. This app has given me reason to believe in it over and over. Very responsive team, informative … See more
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Stash Invest

Got $5? Now you can invest

Will- Over-indexing on curiosity
I'd highly recommend stash!
Susie Concannon 🦄- Social Media @ eyeo(Adblock Plus,Flattr)
It's super easy to use, you can start with as little as $5, and it allows you to invest in things that interest you or causes you believe in.
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