Alternative products to Spreaker Spreaker Podcast App 🎙️

5 alternative and related products to Spreaker Spreaker Podcast App 🎙️

Spreaker Spreaker Podcast App 🎙️

Everything you need to podcast

Spreaker provides you with all the tools you need to start a podcast and automagically distribute it on Apple Podcast, Spotify and more.

Record your podcast on the go with the Spreaker Studio app or enjoy our more advanced editor on your computer.

Want to monetize your podcast? We got you covered, don't miss our special features!

5 Alternatives to Spreaker Spreaker Podcast App 🎙️

A social network for short-form audio

Koo! is a great way to enjoy and take part of every moment! Listen to a feed of stories told by amazing friends and creative people that you love. Stay connected without missing out on life as it happens.

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Alexandre Meregan says that music, and audio in general, has always been core to his life. But one day on his five-minute commute to work, trying to listen to a podcast for the first time, he realized that by the time he arrived at work he had only heard an introduction and a commercial jingle.
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6 Alternatives to Koo!

Your automated podcast producer - edit, brand, publish

Alitu is a Podcast Maker app designed to help anyone create a show much more easily. Podcasters simply upload a raw recording, then we’ll add your theme music, piece together all your recordings, make them sound great, help you with editing out silences or mistakes, and then publish the final product wherever you host your show.

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The Podcast Host
You've just recorded a 40 minute conversation for your latest podcast episode. You load it into your DAW (your editing software) and stare at the lengthy waveform. What now? What should you take out? What should you leave in? There are no real rules here, but you should consider the following things before you get ...
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Publish, run, and fund your podcasts

Pinecast is a simple way to host, run and fund unlimited number of podcasts! Pinecast doesn't limit storage, bandwidth, or the number of episodes.

11 Alternatives to Pinecast

A simple podcast app that shows one random episode at a time

Just Listen is a very simple & very opinionated podcast app.

If you are familiar with Stumble Upon ( ), then Just Listen is the Stumble Upon for podcast episodes.

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Broadcast - The Official Listen Notes blog
The ultimate podcast discovery mechanism is NOT TO DISCOVER. - A fake quote from myself (haha!) If you've followed the journey of Listen Notes so far, you already know that I intentionally avoid building yet another podcast app.
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4 Alternatives to Just Listen
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