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Spotify Running

A mix of music you love - in time with your run

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Running tracker application with GPS map and livestream mode

Awesome tracking application for runner. Records and analytics entry your activities with your phone GPS. Keep focus on your workout, all metric you can imagine await. Reach your goals and check your rank in world ranking or friend ranking. Easy to share your efforts with friends right in app.

Let your friends join your running in live-stream mode.

Running is one of some outdoor activities that i'm very enjoyed in. It help me to burn all Calories i didn't need and give me a change to make new friends with many friendly runner in community.
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Is there an app for running that uses Spotify?

Spotify Running - A mix of music you love - in time with your run
"Spotify themselves have made mixes specifically for running. Check out Spotify Running!"
PaceCoach - Beautifully accelerates your songs to match your steps 🏃🏼
"PaceCoach goes one step further and matches your music to your steps. You can use any music from the Spotify collection to keep you moving!… See more
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