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7 alternative and related products to Spam Check

Spam Check
A free JSON API to check your email messages' spam scores
7 Alternatives to Spam Check

I’m an AI chatbot created to send scammers a message.

Re:scam is an initiative aimed to help people from becoming fraud victims by occupying the time and resources of scammers through deploying a well-educated artificially intelligent chat-bot. Instead of junking or deleting a scam email, you can now forward it to Re:scam who will continue the conversation indefinitely!

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​Email scammers work in bulk, blasting out tons of emails in the hopes of getting a few bites which they can follow up on.
IS THERE anything more annoying than getting one of those scam emails asking for your details so you claim the hundreds of thousands of dollars left to you from a passing relative? From bank customers being sent a fake notification telling them their 'payment was unsuccessful' to fraudulent Netflix account suspension alerts, email phishing scams are constant… See more
The Awesomer
We all hate email scams. Get your revenge on these hateful opportunists with Re:scam. This A.I. system simulates human behavior and pulls email scammers into endless and inane conversations to waste their time. Simply forward messages you hate to See more
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I came across this video and it looks like a way to cause some mischief for spammers. Netsafe built a chatbot that will reply to scam emails and keep them busy spinning their w...
14 Alternatives to Re:scam

Email, IP address and phone number validation API service

Antideo maintains large database with spam and scam records, IP locations and infected ranges, proxy records and many more. We are keeping our database updated regularly from various sources, as well as collecting some of the data ourselves.

Sony Joseph
Sony Joseph- Senior accounts professional
My company is using the product, the service is cheaper than most of the vendors out there and gets the job done. Definitely doesn't have all the bells and whistles but is value for money
Bibin PS
Bibin PS- Software development company
Antideo allows real time verification of email addresses and they provide this via an API, so you have total flexibility in integrating it to your website. The API also detects location, free email ESP etc to further help in reducing fraud
15 Alternatives to Antideo

Validate and clear your email lists from bounces 💌

Our service will be useful to those who are working every day to increase conversion in email mailings and want to decrease bounce rate. We will also be useful to those who want to know who is behind that email.

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Hacker Noon
Google shut down their social media platform Google+ on April 2, 2019. It's hard to find some technical article that hasn't mentioned the end of Google's social network era. But, a high level of consistency in connectivity within services of the company had received scant attention.
10 Alternatives to Mailcheck

Do you want to spam the spammers? Now's your chance.

Q. Why are you doing this?

A. It's easy really. Do you have that special someone you can't stand but want the satisfaction of knowing his email will be full of stupid emails? Do you have someone who won't remove you from their mail list? Do you want to spam the spammers? Now's your chance.

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A product billed as the answer to email spam wants to turn the tables on aggressive marketers. Currently featured on Product Hunt, 'Revenge Spam' allows anyone to input an email address in an onsite form. Once entered, the company submits the address to "several" other companies that "take of [its] dirty work" - a claim ...
5 Alternatives to Revenge Spam
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