Alternative products to Spacetime 2.0

16 alternative and related products to Spacetime 2.0

Spacetime 2.0
Work hour and time zone management for distributed teams.

Spacetime allows your team to set their work hours and automatically detects and handles time zone conversions for you.

It moves conversations like “what time is it for you?” and “when do you start your day tomorrow?” into a simple dashboard and Slack bot. Simply message the bot (@spacetime 3pm) and get the answers you need.

16 Alternatives to Spacetime 2.0

Remote team timezones in a simple UI

Tropic is a simple and free tool that lets you see where your remote coworkers are in their working day (and everyone can set their own unique working hours).

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by Jon Yongfook I've reached the midway point in my 12 startups challenge with this SaaS product launch TL;DR, Today I am launching Tropic Tropic is a new app for remote team collaboration, with a particular focus on teams who are highly distributed and in different time zones.
5 Alternatives to Tropic

Walkie-talkie for your Mac Menu Bar

Instant communication app built in 1 week and winner in Makers Festival 2018.

Emilio Lopez
Emilio Lopez- Marketing Specialist
Voice Messaging for Remote Teams. Talk with your team, no meetings or scheduling needed. Listen on your own time and stay in sync. No dialing or calling. Its bringing back voicemail with style. Easily talk to your teammates by leaving them a message about a project or quickly asking them for an update. Listen to voice messages on your time. No more trying t… See more
5 Alternatives to Yelling Across Cubicles

Simple timezone tracker

Change time on one clock to automatically change the rest. Coordinate your meetings, catch up with friends and see if your mom is awake with Waqt.

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It's New Year's Eve, and if you're the kind of person who likes texting all of your friends when the clock hits midnight in their time zones (in addition to yours), that means you're in for some mental math tonight.
10 Alternatives to Waqt

Slack butler who will take care of the timezone differences

Timezone Butler is a Slack bot who will take care of the timezone differences in your team.

Each relative time will be translated individually for each team member without bothering the others.

No more struggling with timezone differences, reduce the overhead of being distributed and embrace remote working.

7 Alternatives to Timezone Butler

A time-zone savvy calendar

CalZones was built from the ground up to be savvy about managing timezones. It starts by letting you choose a list of the zones that are relevant to you and then all aspects of the app tailor themselves to making it easy to coordinate between those timezones.

4 Alternatives to CalZones
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