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Sources by Readory
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Sources is a ranked database of blogs, aggregators and communities that you can subscribe to on the readory platform which will tie-in to our feed feature coming soon. The goal is to help readers discover great content sources from all over the web, not just the the front page of search engines.

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6 Alternatives to Sources by Readory

Readory is striving to be the web's platform for written content.

We are a platform curated by readers and content creators alike to make sure quality written content (blog posts, ebooks, Ask.PH, IH Interviews, tutorials, forum discussions and more) are not underexposed or hidden behind major content platforms, and SEO giants.

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Let's face it. Sometimes there's nothing interesting on the web. We click through a tired routine of sites looking for something for our minds to consume. Some people get immersed in the news, others follow their favorite internet icons, or maybe they just kick back watching documentaries on YouTube.
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