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Sourcegraph alternatives and competitors

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Search code, jump around source, see real usage examples

Top alternatives for Sourcegraph

Automate your SOC 2, HIPAA, & ISO 27001 compliance
  • bloop

    13 reviews
    bloop is an in-IDE code search engine that retrieves relevant JS and TypeScript code examples from library documentation and open-source repos.
    See library function parameters, output, and error-handling - without going to Google.
  • Devbook

    5 reviews
    Devbook is a search engine for developers that helps them to find the resources they need and answer their questions faster.
    Fast, accessible right from a code editor, and fully controllable with just a keyboard.
  • Gitpod

    1 review

    Gitpod is an open-source developer platform automating the provisioning of ready-to-code developer environments.

    Spin up fresh, automated dev environments for each task, in the cloud, in seconds.

    GitPod is in it's early stages and it does a lot of things better than other mature IDEs.

  • Sourcegraph for GitHub

    Browse and search GitHub like an IDE
  • GitFirst

    GitFirst is a web app which helps new contributors to find projects on GitHub based on language, no of stars and label of issues(Good First Issue)
  • Kooder

    Kooder is an open source code search project, offering code, repositories and issues search service for code hosting platforms including Gitee, GitLab and Gitea.