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9 alternative and related products to SOUNDS DELICIOUS

A vinyl club for full-length cover albums.
9 Alternatives to SOUNDS DELICIOUS

Create beautiful cover art for your Spotify playlists

Replace Cover is a little tool that enables anyone to create consistent cover arts for their Spotify playlists. Works with other music services too.

Backstory: I'm a product designer who wanted to learn React.js, so I spent some evenings & a couple weekends learning, building & shipping this app over the course of 10 days.

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9 Alternatives to Replace Cover

Find and frame your favorite albums

Album covers represent some of the most creative and significant imagery of all time. Level was inspired to honor this art form with a unique way of framing actual vinyl records and their sleeves. Each frame is made by hand using museum-quality components, and shipped to your door within a week. Find you favorite or have Level hunt it down for you.

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The Awesomer
Level Frames makes ready-to-hang 25.5" x 17.5" frames that contain actual vinyl records of classic albums, such as Dark Side of the Moon and Madvillainy. T...
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Display some of the most recognizable album covers of all time with Level Frames' Framed Vinyl. Level's framing involves archival matting and all-wood borders capped with a premium non-glare acrylic that lets the album cover and record, the latter peeking out of the former about two-thirds of the way, stand out.
If you want to place your love of music in a more display-friendly context, consider Framed Vinyl from Level Frames for your next wall-hanging.
Cool Material
You can head to your local craft or big box store and find a nice enough frame for your favorite album, but unless you plan on spending a fortune on custom framing, you won't find anything like what you'll get from Level Frames. The album cover is undeniably one of
This App Has Your Drive Under Control One tap on any screen will take you to navigation, a Spotify playlist, a phone call to your friend Hank, back to navigation, back over to your friend Hank... What we're saying is, it's a pretty streamlined driving app.
10 Alternatives to Level Vinyl

Record and edit vinyl records straight to your phone 📲

Vinyl Recorder is the first app that enables you to record your vinyl straight to your phone. With its Gracenote integration, it cuts up the sound into individual tracks, and adds the album artwork, song and album title, artist, and genre tags automatically. iOS coming soon.

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If you're a vinyl listener looking to take rips of your favorite records on the go, there is now an app for that. Fans of analog audio who want to listen to their favorite records on the go now have a new option for putting their coveted collection in their pocket with Convert Technologies ' new Vinyl Recorder app.
Convert Technologies
Vinyl records are one of the oldest ways to listen to music. Our love for them might have faded as the cassette, the CD and then the MP3 took our hearts, but they've always been there. Their popularity ebbed over time, but 2006 marked the beginning of their comeback.
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7 Alternatives to Vinyl Recorder

Shazam for record covers, instantly open in Spotify

A Rube Goldberg Machine combining the Google Cloud Vision API and the Spotify API to identify record covers and open the best guess in spotify.

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Earlier this year I wanted to explore the new async/ await functionality in Javascript so I started playing around with a project on Glitch ( that would call one API after another, then generate new API call options from each cycle.
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