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SoundBetter alternatives and competitors

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Marketplace for musicians and music production professionals
Top SoundBetter alternatives
Online fundraising for growth-obsessed startups
  • Studiotime 2.0

    Studiotime helps artists discover and book studios all around the world. From home studios, podcast studios, to some of the most exclusive studios in the world, Studiotime allows creatives to easily access studios and create.

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  • KRFT 1.5.0

    A modular instrument for music production
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  • Shutterstock for sound effects
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    I don't patronize businesses that try to hide their pricing.

  • Breakr

    Music influencers can set up profiles, update their music preferences, and create digital campaigns available across all platforms. Seamlessly connect based on matching interest, goals, and campaign criteria.
    Reach new audiences and generate $.
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  • Sundae

    Sundae is the all-in-one workspace for music teams. From organizing projects, planning rollouts, versioning audio files, chatting with team members and clients, Sundae is all you need.
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  • Newbook Models

    A one-stop destination for finding and booking models and influencers for your photoshoots, videoshoots, and events. Browse hundreds of top local models, all in one place. Save time, save money, book direct.

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  • Artra

    Artra is a creative space marketplace and event management platform for artists. Weโ€™re on a mission to enable artists of all mediums to find affordable space to create and to share their work with the world.
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  • Music Traveler

    Music Traveler is a marketplace, centralising spaces with musical instruments, equipment for the creative industry.
    Our mission is to promote the creation, appreciation, and interest in music by reducing barriers and facilitating new interactions.
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