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Solo 2.0

Personal kanban boards hosted on your own server

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Organize anything, together

Trello is a web-based project management application with a beautiful card-based UI.

Waseem Aslam- Developer and Starter Upper
I would use Trello it is quite easy to use and its Free too. The best way to approach this is getting into the mindset of splitting up tasks and be diligent in moving items around the board otherwise it can be quite easy to just forget about trello and realise you haven't moved items around but the project has moved along .
Joshua Tab.- Crafting Meja and Walk
Trello is my favorite productivity tool to organize my ideas and classify them
Lorenzo Fiori- Marketing Manager, Nanosystems
Trello is absolutely the best tool available online. It is a powerful solution for your project management even for free! Strongly recommended to everyone
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Lean project management, simplified

James Welch- CEO @
I was a trello user for 2+ years, but now prefer kanbanflow - I would say because it feels less bloated and is really suited to my current scenario of 3 users.
Michael Ivanov
Built-in pomodoro timer and great reports. I use it for my weekly planning. Works very well on mobile too (just add it to your homescreen). Here is a nice overview of the app :
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Kanban-type project tracker “for serious project management”

Scott Williams- President, Emisare, Inc.
Breeze is an awesome project management app, sort of Trello on steroids. We researched and tested ~20 solutions over the past several years, settled on Breeze, and haven't looked back. Perfect for our small team of 12 folks. Integrates w/ Google Apps and Slack to name a few. One of its best features is that it lets you bring outside people into your projects… See more
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