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Echosec is an industry-leading location intelligence platform. Combining social media posts with geographic data, Echosec collects real-time, user-driven information which supports industries ranging from retail, hospitality, journalism, and security. Echosec is transforming business by connecting the digital world to the physical world.

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Echosec is a location-based search platform that provides valuable business and operational insights through social data.
"Mar-tech" is one of the most new terms in the industry right now. There are tons of subcategories within the sphere of mar-tech, including ad technology, CRM platforms, cloud-based solutions, and, yes, geofencing. The idea of geofencing marketing is relatively new.
"I don't believe in social media." It's a phrase we hear fairly often when we're showing our platform at events across many industries. The pervasiveness of social media in recent years has left many people disdained and disgruntled. Whether or not you 'like' social media, you're living under a behemoth rock if you still don't 'believe' in it.
We're all on social media in our personal lives. Whether it's tagging you and your friends on a big hiking trip, using a geo sticker at a concert in the city, or updating your Facebook with every new location on your summer vacation, geolocation has become a huge part of social media.
Black Friday has become one of the most dangerous days of the year in our consumption-crazed modern world. Type " Black Friday Mishaps " into Google and it quickly becomes clear that there are a multitude of security and safety risks associated with the event, and any incidents that happen on your retail property are going to affect your brand.
Can you remember a time when people used to hold up lighters at concerts? Now all you see is cell phones in the air to catch the big moment and live stream to social media. Others spend half the time tweeting about the speaker they're in the presence of, rather than watching what's happening in front of them.
Competitive intelligence is loosely defined as the process of gathering actionable information on your business's competitive environment. If you run a business, or any aspect of a business, you are probably well aware that a business's competitive environment is a vast and often unruly place. Therefore, the 'process' mentioned above can encompass many thing… See more
Open-source intelligence (OSINT) isn't new. Professionals in the intelligence industry have been leveraging open-source data such as search engines, social media, and other public platforms for years. However, the technology that OSINT tools are using to gather data changing, and quickly. The newest technology? Geofencing.
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Advanced social media search. Ultimate social selling tool!

SoProSearch allows you to run advanced searches on social media so you can find prospective clients. Do you offer a service to Realtors and want to connect with every Realtor in a given area on Facebook? Now you can!

This tool will allow users to prospect on social media without wasting money on advertising. Start social selling today!

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