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6 alternative and related products to SnoozeYouLose

SMS-based wake-up accountability app
SnoozeYouLose keeps you accountable to wake up on the days you set entirely with SMS, no app to download! If you fail to wake up, you pay your pledge amount, half of which goes to charity!
6 Alternatives to SnoozeYouLose

Bringing social accountability to work 🙊

Cowrkr is an initiative to help makers keep themselves socially accountable. We connect two makers at a time and we help them keep each other accountable till their respective projects are completed and then they move on to another maker.

Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen
Ebrahim-Khalil Hassen- Entrepreneur
Interesting and important idea - build publicly and have someone to hold you accountable
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So I've been a part of a group of makers on Telegram called 🚧 Work in Progress made by Marc Köhlbrugge for a couple of weeks now. Being in a group filled with makers whom you've always looked up to...
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A Pomodoro radio for coders and makers 🍅 🎶

I made my own productivity tool to fit my work routine:

🎼 Music: 1 hour mixes

⏸️ Break: every hour

🗨️ Chat : with other makers during breaks

It's like making 55 minutes 🍅 Pomodoros, everyone at the same time, so I called it

William- Compulsive maker
I made to help you focus with music during pomodoros. You can share your accomplishments in the chat during breaks, for fun and accountability
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Ingvar Helgerson
Ingvar Helgerson is specifically to train self to do "right things" and is very useful to plan and get reminded of things like "Write 500 words", "Eat healthy breakfast" etc. If will also record "streaks" when you do something "right" multiple times in a row and motivate you to continue doing it. You can also use app to hire a coach for self, but I haven't tried thi… See more
John Ababseh
John Ababseh- Epiphany Enthusiast
I think with habit training apps such as you can set an objective like quit smoking and each day mark off not smoking, which could help break the habits, also set notifications which help me get rid of bad habits. Best of luck!
John Ababseh
John Ababseh- Epiphany Enthusiast is an awesome tracker that helps you reach goals and join communities that have similar goals, for me that's perfect because I can better accomplish things with some support :)
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Meet an accountability buddy for 25 minutes of focused work.

The Pomodoro Method has you work intensely and without distraction for 25 minutes. After the working session, you force yourself to take a complete break, getting away from screens. We pair you with another professional working on their laptop to share goals and keep accountable at the end of the 25 minute work session. No sign up necessary.

12 Alternatives to Social Pomodoro
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