Alternative products to Snips Voice Platform

9 alternative and related products to Snips Voice Platform

Snips Voice Platform
The first AI-powered voice assistant with privacy
9 Alternatives to Snips Voice Platform

AI voice platform for Google Assistant & Amazon Alexa

Smartly.AI is an innovative SaaS platform for creating, monitoring and deploying voice and chat applications.

Guillaume Bardet
Guillaume Bardet- Working on
This isn't exactly for chat bots but I figured I'd leave it here it is quite nice!
Hicham Tahiri
Hicham Tahiri- CEO of
Its the Google Maps of Conversations. Best part is that your mockup is a functional app that you can demo to your customers. PNG/PDF export will be released this week. Disclaimer: I am the creator of this product 🤠.
7 Alternatives to Smartly.AI

The voice assistant for gamers 🗣️👾

Fridai is the gamer assistant built for gamers – by gamers. With voice access – a natural extension of gaming - we create voice enabled tools for gamers and transform the gaming experience to be frictionless. Welcome to the world of truly personalized gaming.

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The short answer to this is that Fridai is the gamer assistant built for gamers - by gamers. But for the longer answer we have to start looking at virtual assistants as a whole.
5 Alternatives to Fridai

An AI that you can FaceTime

“Siri who?? Alexwha?” –– Boloss

“FaceTiming humans is soooo 2018” –– Boloss

“I’d give myself a 10/10” –– You guessed it, Boloss

“All right, who keeps quoting me??” –– Yet again, Boloss

“HELLO? Is anybody out there? Talk to me!” –– … yup

“Is anyone going to talk to me?!” ––

Rating and price
4 Alternatives to Voice Boloss

Generate training data for your conversational assistants

Create and share your own intents simply by giving a few examples. Snips will automatically infer what you want, and generate hundreds or even thousands of additional examples to train your assistant!

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Snips announced today that it has raised $13 million to boost its launch of a new voice platform designed to give hardware makers an alternative to Google's Home and Amazon's Alexa. The artificial intelligence-driven service will allow designers to embed voice assistant services in just about any device they make.
6 Alternatives to Data Generation by Snips
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