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Snippet alternatives and competitors

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Snippet helps you type faster by binding your frequently typed phrases to short terms. iOS style text replacement, for the cross-platform Chrome, for free.

Or, use it to quickly note down something you stumble upon. It comes with a handy search feature and is super easy to modify.

All packed in a lightweight, snappy Chrome extension.

Top alternatives for Snippet

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  • SwiftKey for iOS

    The keyboard that learns from you.
  • Snipper App

    1 review

    Snipper lets you directly manage your code snippets directly from your menu bar on Mac Os and Taskbar on Windows and Linux

    Snipper allows me to store all my frequently used code snippets with ease. It's literally a click away

  • Snippet Store

    1 review

    Snippet Store is an application for developers to store their snippets and quickly retrieve them when needed. SnippetStore mainly focus on storing code therefore its interface is small and simple, perfect for busy developers who doesn't care about small details.

    Really useful tool for dev, we always go back to StackOverflow for the same snippet code

  • Text Blaze

    Text Blaze allows you to save text snippets and insert them anywhere on the web using keyboard shortcuts. Snippets can be plain text, but can also include dynamic dates, formulas, real-time input and integrations with other apps. Try it, it's free!
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  • Swiftkey Neural Alpha

    1st keyboard app that uses neural networks to predict words
  • Gisto 2.0

    1 review

    Gisto is a code snippet manager that runs on GitHub Gists and adds additional features such as searching, tagging and sharing gists while including a rich code editor.

    All your data is stored on GitHub and you can access it from GitHub Gists at any time with changes carrying over to Gisto.

    It's free and open source.

    I have been looking for an app that I could basically use as a client to Gists to use as code snippets. I've looked at Cacher and some other…

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  • Code Clippet

    Code Clippet is a place for anyone to store, organise and share useful snippets of code.

  • PasteCloud

    2 reviews

    At PasteCloud you can store pieces of text or code and share it with everyone (or you can keep it private 🀫)!

    You can create an account to get access to all features!

    A good alternative to Pastebin, and the interface is beautiful

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  • Lightkey Predictive Typing for Windows

    Lightkey is a free text prediction software for Windows that can save up to 40% of your typing time in 85 languages. Lightkey gradually adapts itself to your typing style and offers tailored predictions. Lightkey supports MS Office (Word, Outlook and PPT) and Google Chrome (Gmail, WhatsApp Web, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook Mail).

  • Capijzo

    Free options
    Capijzo is an auto-text expander tool. Create templates, store them on Capijzo and easily insert it anywhere on the Google Chrome extension with a simple shortcut key and short-code. Best template solution for Gmail & Outlook.
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  • ClipDis

    Movitize your message
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  • Snipline

    Developer tool for power users to organize and copy shell commands fast.
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