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A simple single line code/commands manager
Hey guys ,
Have you ever had to remember the huge darkness of remembering single line commands .
Here is a tool for you to save and reuse them right from your menubar.
Email at its best, new from Basecamp
10 Alternatives to Snip

Snippetty is a live coding assistant that lives in your system menu and hands you the right code snippet at the right time. It's an invaluable tool for anyone presenting during webinars, conference talks, corporate demos, podcasts, and more. And instead of making you use some clunky UI, it works with Markdown. Everybody loves Markdown!

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There's a rule about speaking at conferences that goes NEVER DO LIVE CODE IN YOUR TALK. However, I think this app might make that a rule that's meant to be broken 😁
Big congrats to my good friend @icanzilb - launching his new code snippet app Snippetty as part of his @appbuilders_ch ⚡️talk! 🚀 Check it out at See more
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Uilicious automates UI testing for web applications.

Write tests that are

- Readable and maintainable (without hardcoding ugly CSS or XPATHs or magic waits)

- Share embeddable bug replication reports for your devs, and issue trackers.

- Easily repeatable so you can swiftly replicate and verify bug fixes.

Uilicious Snippets is free, forever.

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The Practical Dev
Uilicious First soft launched on - when youtube was down After thousand of hours, of preparation coding and coffee. Today we are officially launching onto Product Hunt The idea behind this, is to allow users to write clear test scripts, and bug reports that can be easily understandable, repeatable, and most importantly publicly s… See more
The Practical Dev
Uilicious Was goofing off at work watching youtube, until it started failing on me. Thought it was wifi until I checked using a public UI test script on it. Feel free to run the test multiple times here : See more
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