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9 alternative and related products to SMS Shield

SMS Shield
Machine Learning-based SMS spam filter for iOS 11

SMS Shield is a machine learning based spam filter for iPhone. SMS Shield will automatically block SMS spam like promotions, ads, phishing and scam attempts at stealing your sensitive information.

9 Alternatives to SMS Shield

SMS Junk Filter is a brand new extension to the Messages app that automatically filters unwanted SMS text messages. Using Artificial Intelligence and the new CoreML models, we can block SMS Spam messages without having to create custom keyword rules.

Also powered by a cloud infrastructure we can Block Phishing Attacks and malicious links.

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For the last 3 months we have been working hard to create a new startup and release a brand new and exciting product called SMS Junk Filter, that uses a new feature that is being introduced in next generation of iPhone operating system: iOS 11.
We use the Go programing language for a lot of the high throughput pieces of our infrastructure with SMS Junk Filter - See more
I have been working in the anti-spam, anti-virus and anti-malware industry for over 15 years at a few different companies, and now I know how complex these systems could end up being due to the massive amount of data we handle daily.
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9 Alternatives to SMS Junk Filter for iOS

Filters out spam SMS on your Android phone

Bhushit Agarwal
Bhushit Agarwal- Job Huntr. Geek.
I think this is hard problem to solve as use cases and user preferences can vary a lot. But we can hack our way around I guess, one of the hack w.r.t. the your problem description can be, setting up a filter in gmail to mark flipkart invoices as read, using apps like clean sms with keywords from flipkart to mark them as read. I know its a pain to setup, but… See more
8 Alternatives to Clean SMS

India's first AI powered SMS inbox

Kyte is a smart SMS app that blocks spam and automatically organizes your inbox. It is intended for the Indian market where SMS is the primary mode of communication for finance and commerce transactions and 60% of messages are spam. SMS alerts usage in India has exploded over the last three years and spam is an unsolved problem.

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14 Alternatives to Kyte 2.0

Add powerful spam filtering to your Mac’s e-mail client

SpamSieve gives you back your inbox by bringing powerful Bayesian spam filtering to Mac e-mail clients. It learns what your spam looks like, so it can block nearly all of it. It looks at your address book and learns what your good messages look like, so it won’t confuse them with spam.

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Writers aren't the only people who need a sane and quiet workplace in order to get stuff done. Every Apple customer has things to accomplish, and unnecessary distractions just get in the way.
The Brooks Review
This is the only option for ridding yourself of spam.
Whenever I set up a new Mac, I install a number of utilities that make me more productive, that save me time, or that protect my data. I bought a new MacBook recently, and, as with every Mac, I installed some essential utilities.
The Sweet Setup
macOS' built-in Mail application has a system that allows third-party developers to write plugins for the application, giving it new features. There are several of these plugins worth knowing about if you use but want more power of it, without using something like Airmail.
Spam-phishing, marketing, and scam emails-is annoying, that we can all agree on. One Macworld reader wants to take the ultimate step is stopping these emails. Is it possible to set one's iMac, MacBook Pro, iPhone and iPad to ensure scam, phishing, and marketing emails are blocked?
Whenever a new year begins (hey 2018), it always feels like the right time to get your shit together. New year, new you! Make those resolutions, plan to drink those 8 cups of water, promise to get to meetings on time, pledge to be a more put-together human, etc.
Best email spam filter for the Mac, period. My stats for October to date: 12,875 total spam messages, 9 false positives (at least that I caught), 60 false negatives. So, on average, I get 441 spam emails per day, but only 2 slip past SpamSieve.
At the bottom of this e-column each week, though, you'll find a link to the newspaper column, so you can read both if you want to. Q: Last week in the paper, you reviewed the SpamCube. Who'd pay $150 for a hardware anti-spam device, when you can get free anti-spam software?
6 Alternatives to SpamSieve

A powerful spam filter for any content exchange.

OOPSpam API helps you better identify and score spam content by combining the output of various tools such as machine learning algorithm, blacklisted IPs, the number of spam words within the content, etc.

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OOPSpam API blog
If you have ever owned a website with a form submission or a blog (Wordpress etc.) then you probably experienced a huge amount of spam comments/submission almost daily. In fact, these are two cases I personally had experience and decided to build OOPSpam API to detect and filter spam.
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