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Smart Parking

System to find free parking spaces in real time.

16 Alternatives to Smart Parking

Marketplace for listing and renting unused parking spaces

We find people who have unused parking spots and match them with drivers looking for a place to park. We offer Free Listing and Renting option for Spot Owners.

List your parking spot & Get $10 Promo Credit for spot listing.

First time user get's a $10 OFF credit while check out. Use promo code 'PFM10'.

Happy Parking!

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There are many ways in which big cities are characterized-a spectacular skyline, a buzzing city center, and roads swarmed with cars. Overflux of vehicles is definitely a major characteristic of... Read more "
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Pavemint connects people looking for parking with people who have parking to share, so you can find parking when you need it and earn money when you don't.

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Apartment Therapy
Back when I was a cash-strapped college student splitting an apartment close to campus, on football game days I'd stand outside with a handmade sign in magic marker advertising to rabid fans: "Parking - $40."
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13 Alternatives to Pavemint

Report parking violations & dangerous driving in real time.

TowIt is the global, cross-platform mobile application that allows civilians to report selfish or illegal parking and dangerous driving in real time. TowIt works with municipal governments, local law enforcement, and towing companies to remove the barriers required to make cities effectively fight and deter bad parking and dangerous driving habits.

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GOOD Magazine
Poor parkers afflict every city, both small and major. Whether it's a minivan crashing through a Starbucks window, or something more benign like plopping down a foot away from the curb, the onslaught of terrible drivers can seem overwhelming. In fact, it can even make you feel downright powerless.
One developer's weapon against lousy drivers and vans blocking the bike lane. The next time you see a parked car attempting to mate with a curb, as shown above, you can leave a nasty note on its windshield. Or, if you have the app TowIt, you could snap a photo and (in theory) flag it for a good towin'.
Fast Company
In theory, as cities keep rolling out more bike lanes, bike commutes are getting easier. In practice, new bike lanes tend to double as illegal parking spots for delivery vans, idling cars, and cops getting pizza, leaving cyclists to veer into traffic to avoid crashing into obstacles.
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Rent and book private parking spaces

ParkStash is building a platform for drivers to book a guaranteed private parking space hosted by homeowners/businesses. Using our app, drivers can see LIVE occupancy status of parking garages and book a private parking space on hourly, weekly or monthly basis or for upcoming events nearby!

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Saran and three other computer engineering students recognized this issue and launched the app late last year. Since then, use of the app has grown to 600 users who log in and pick from an array of parking spaces offered up by homeowners with an empty driveway or unused car port.
San Jose State University alumnus Sameer Saran created a parking app, ParkStash, which gives the proliferating Spartan community another option to finding a parking spot before reaching campus. Saran, hailing from India, created the innovative app in 2017 while completing his Master's in computer engineering.
Parking is a pain for many Spartans. However, an app developed by a team of San Jose State alumni, hopes to change that - beginning with a month-long trial run with SJSU. Founder and CEO of ParkStash, Sameer Saran, created the app while finishing his Master's in computer engineering at SJSU in late 2017.
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A simple, secure and quick way to pay for parking.

JomParking is an app that ease your parking payment in Malaysia. It is simple, secure and quick way to pay for parking.

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Vulcan Post
1. Install the app from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. 2. Register an account upon receiving a confirmation code. 3. You'll be taken to the homepage where you can add in your vehicle number. 4. Tokens can be purchased from RM6 onwards within the app.
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Coord has collected information from thousands of parking signs in San Francisco, normalized the data, and created a tool to view the final product. We've also developed a free API to access this data, along with data from New York, Seattle, and Los Angeles.

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Smart Cities Dive
Coord, a data mobility company backed by Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs, announced today two new urban mobility tools, Curbs API and Tolls API. The Curbs API tool is an open API that offers detailed information on curb "rules" in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle - a combined 200,000 curbs.
Fast Company
Curbs are perhaps the most underrated part of urban infrastructure. Mostly, you just step over them or walk alongside them. Only rarely do they register, except perhaps when you're trying to navigate a suitcase, a stroller, or a wheelchair over them. But for the Sidewalk Labs-backed urban mobility company Coord, they're a pretty big deal.
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