Alternative products to Smart Compose in Gmail

11 alternative and related products to Smart Compose in Gmail

Smart Compose in Gmail

Write emails faster with Smart Compose in Gmail

Over the next few weeks, Smart Compose will appear in the new Gmail for consumers, and will be made available for G Suite customers in the workplace in the coming months.

11 Alternatives to Smart Compose in Gmail

A large collection of good product email design.

Really Good Emails (RGE for short) aims to be the best showcase of email design and resources on the web. This 3,300+ handpicked collection is powered by community submissions and our own obsessive drive to find the best email examples out there.

Shantanu Raghav
Shantanu Raghav- Product Guy @Mobiefit
Great source of emails examples and email designs, well categorised with neat examples.
Gaurav Agrawal
Gaurav Agrawal- Coder, Thinker, Curious observer
This is not newsletter service but if you are planning to use one, you might wanna check this because it contains a collection of some awesome examples.
Matt Helbig
Matt Helbig- Digitas + RGE
Highly curated bi-weekly newsletter about email marketing and design.
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We're accepting submissions for the 2017 Sparky Awards! Join us for this exciting email event and you could win $1000 to a conference of your choice. We've gathered four great use cases that highlight how an interactive email can bring more web-like functionality into an email message.
Really good emails is a grassroots collective of email marketing's best minds showcasing the email industry's most exciting work, innovations and developments. Founder Matthew Smith started the project in 2014 as a simple website displaying some of his favourite emails.
Email, like Winona Ryder, was born in 1971. And both are currently enjoying a midlife revival of sorts. Sure, email doesn't have a hit Netflix show, but its continued evolution could end up turning the marketing world upside down. (Sorry, we couldn't resist.)
27 Alternatives to Really Good Emails

Gmail plug-in that helps you write emails quickly

EasyEmail is a Gmail tool that helps you write emails very quickly. It learns from your inbox and quickly suggests what you should write based on your previous responses.

EasyEmail saves you time on replying to repetitive emails. We've already helped our users with almost 700 emails!

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It can be hard to start an email, but it feels even worse when you're going insane after sending the same canned response to a question for the ninth time this week. If you'd like a little help replying to the messages in your ever-growing inbox, EasyEmail uses machine learning (along with your email data) to auto-generate potential replies you're too lazy t… See more
Filip Twarowski, Lambert Chu, and Matthew Huggins have decided enough is enough when it comes to wasting time responding to emails with repetitive questions. Their startup, EasyEmail, is able to suggest phrases and autocomplete sentences in the drafts of your emails, saving you time writing them.
10 Alternatives to EasyEmail

The one app for email and chat

Dmitry Kornyukhov
Dmitry Kornyukhov- Translator, Founder of
Awesome tool for team inboxes, integrates will with your gmail account and has a ton of useful features. Love using it for collaboration with my team and replying to customers. Has Windows, iOS apps too!
Philippe Lehoux
Philippe Lehoux
Co-founder here, it makes sense, although we also support Fb, pages, Twitter and SMS... Missive was built from the ground up for email. We support all you asked:
Nathan Gathright
Nathan Gathright- Creator of PodLink
Missive is a collaborative email app that's great for sharing your inbox or threaded chats related to email conversations.
4 Alternatives to Missive 2.0

Collaborate right in your inbox

Philippe Lehoux
Philippe Lehoux
In Missive you can track reads and share the resulting data with your teammates.
Michael Zaurov
Michael Zaurov- Geek
Missive as fantastic, but it is very expensive if using just as an email client since you'd need to pay $12/mo to get unlimited history, the middle plan $8/mo only downloads last 6 months of email history and free only 15 days. It is primarily a team communication app, and a very good one at that. But it is not priced fairly for those just seeking to use ema… See more
Zee M Kane
Zee M Kane
The ability to communicate around emails has truly transformed the way we communicate as a team. If you often discuss emails as part of a team (e.g. sales or support), it's truly a game changer, and works wonderfully across all platforms.
2 Alternatives to Missive

Un-format your emails with the click of a button

Ever send an email in Gmail only to find out the formatting was wonky and feel embarrassed. Gmail Unformatter lets you know when you are using formatting on your email and gives you the ability to clear all formats with the click of a button. Don't be embarrassed by copying and pasting an email ever again.

5 Alternatives to Gmail Unformatter
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