Alternative products to Smart Bedding 2.0

8 alternative and related products to Smart Bedding 2.0

Smart Bedding 2.0
Linen bedding that helps you never make your bed again
8 Alternatives to Smart Bedding 2.0

A half cool and half cozy duvet for couples 🌗🛌

Luxury duvet that's perfect for couples. One side is a cool 150 m2 fill for those that run hot and the other a cosy 500 m2 for those that like it snug. Made from highest quality 100% bamboo which is twice as breathable and moisture wicking as cotton to keep you cool and dry. Plus it's luxuriously soft and is more sustainable than cotton

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The World's First Fitted Sheet With 5 Peel Away Layers.

Peelaways are the smarter alternative to traditional bedding; a fitted sheet with 5 peel away layers.You can sleep on each layer of Peelaways for 7 to 10 days, then just peel away the top sheet to reveal a clean layer below.

- Each layer is soft and 100% waterproof

- Have a fresh sheet in under 1 minute

- Sleep on each sheet for up to 50 nights

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Peel Away Labs
Shark Tank Contestant Raised $1.3 Million, Partners with Strategic Retailers and Distributors Worldwide to Provide Fastest Way to Change Fitted Bed Sheets JERSEY CITY, N.J., Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean, soft sheets are now less than 60 seconds away.
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Timeless luxury bedding made with integrity at fair prices 🏡

We believe home is more than just the physical space. A mindful home reminds us the good things in life such as harmony, health, and happiness. Timeless bedding made from flax linen of Southern France that will last for decades. Premium materials and the finest craftsmanship at only a fraction of the price.

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Vogue Australia
Get to know sustainability minded, community focused brand, Olive Wren. If knowing your bedsheets gave safe shelter to a survivor of domestic violence, would it help you sleep soundly at night? San Francisco-based label, Olive Wren, is doing just that.
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