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Smalls: Food for Cats

Cat food except actually healthy

Smalls is homemade food for cats that's prepared with 100% human grade ingredients and leaves the fillers, mystery ingredients and 25 year shelf lives of traditional pet "food" behind. We create a customized meal plan for your cats based on their age, weight, and body type and get you on your way with freshly prepared food delivered to your door.

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Ollie Snacks

Human-grade treats for healthy pups

Hello Product Hunt!

After one year & one million meals served, we're excited to launch Ollie Snacks. Ollie Snacks provide pet parents with treats made from the same high-quality, human-grade ingredients as our meals, so that you can give your dogs treats that are just as healthy as the food they already eat.

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Cat in the Box

Unique cardboard box toys for cats

"422,000 YouTube videos can’t be wrong: cats like boxes." there's research to prove it, too.

Cat in the Box was founded by Dawn, an animal lover and mom of two, who wants every cat to play in a box that adds fun and colour to their owners home.

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Bake for your dog with this superfood-packed dog treat mix 🐶

Wagadō (wag-ah-doe) is the world’s first superfood-packed dog treat mix. Each pouch is filled with a passionately curated lineup of responsibly sourced whole foods that are loaded with the vitamins and nutrients every pup deserves. Oh, and the flavors are doggone delish.

YouTube We're crazy dog people who love their pups like you do, and we're on a mission to change the treats they eat. After growing discouraged by the number of recalls, misleading marketing, and googling of mystery ingredients, we decided to take the situation into our own kitchen.
Go French Yourself
A monthly donation from proceeds is made to a local or national organization that helps dogs in need too. Be still my heart. They have four different flavors of baking mixes---carnivore, deep sea, sweet tooth, and zen.
Herky The Cavalier
Baking dog treats for your dog at home with this superfood dog treats mix that is super easy and fun to make, and filled with nutrients and superfoods!
wagado - Baked goods are so ridiculously delicious that people will willingly ruin their diets just for a taste, and Wagado is a startup that's helpin...
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Fresh pet meal subscription service

NBC News
October 29, 2017: Today's elevator pitcher wants to paw his way to the top of the pet food industry. Let's find out what our panelists think of Ollie, customized dog food that's delivered right to your door.
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