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A directory of the best custom slack emojis

Slackmojis is showing you the most amazing custom emojis for your Slack conversations. Make your chats with the colleagues a little more interesting and enjoyable by including some laughter to your boring work communication.

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Slack-style emoji everywhere on your Mac πŸš€

Rocket bring Slack-like emojis to your Mac. πŸ™Œ πŸŽ‰ πŸš€

Gil Akos- Co-founder, CEO at Astra
No more copying and pasting emojis from elsewhere! : + (emoji name) = emoji in any app.
Jeremy Bauer- Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
Use it every day and constantly, and it keeps getting better too (see the newish Emoji Bullet List feature). The maker also made Vanilla, another app I use every day to keep my Mac's menu bar tidy.
Nick Abouzeid- Words at Product Hunt ✌️
Emojis EVERYWHERE! Touch bar has nothing on this. Only way to use emojis on Mac. πŸš€
10 Alternatives to Rocket

Slack Emoji

Thousands of free slack emoji

Spice up your slack workspace with thousands of free custom emoji

Slack Emoji is a relatively new website, I created it out of frustration of the basic emoji lists that already exist for slack. With no categories, no pagination and minimal features they are very hard to navigate and find the emoji you want.
7 Alternatives to Slack Emoji


Animated emojis for all skin tones πŸ’―

A wemoji is an animated emoji icon that's inclusive of all skin tones. Instead of needing 6 separate emojis (i.e., ✌ ✌🏻 ✌🏼 ✌🏽 ✌🏾 ✌🏿), now you just need one.

Designed to be used on websites, mobile apps, slide decks, or as Slack custom emojis.

7 Alternatives to Wemoji

Bitmoji for Slack

Bring office chat to life with your own personal emoji

You've probably seen a Bitmoji floating around on Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram. You might even have the Bitmoji app. But what are these adorable full-sized avatars for, anyway? As it turns out, a bunch of things. The Bitmoji app opens up a world of possibilities, and we're here to help you discover them.
8 Alternatives to Bitmoji for Slack

What Slack integration do you use the most?

Jevin SewRails / iOS developer
Giphy - Search animated GIFs on the web
"Giphy is our favorite. WARNING: Select "G" rating or you may encounter NFSW results."
Astrobot for Slack - Manage your inbox from Slack
"I'm finally able to manage my emails without ever leaving Slack!"
Simple Poll - The easiest way to create polls in Slack
"Great way to get things done."
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