Alternative products to Slack Mass Direct Messages

6 alternative and related products to Slack Mass Direct Messages

Slack Mass Direct Messages
Use sparingly, or forever lose your friends.

Slack Mass Direct Messages is a Google Chrome extension that allows Slack Admins to send direct messages to their people in bulk. This is not something one should do often, but every now and again, it can be a god send.

6 Alternatives to Slack Mass Direct Messages

Mass personalized iMessage and SMS messaging!

Porterhouse automates individualized mass iMessage and SMS messaging from your own phone number, right on your computer.
Each message is sent individually to each recipient to personalize your text based marketing.

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If you want to test this yourself, create another user on your Mac, download Porterhouse, and login. When you go to see your message recipients, nothing will be listed. You'll see a message stating "COULD NOT FIND RECIPIENT, CONTACT MAY HAVE BEEN DELETED.".
Porterhouse could provide a way for someone running for political office to connect directly with their large donors by mass messaging to them updates through their personal phone number. Communicating with them through a medium (iMessage/SMS) that is personal, direct, and warrents a response, encouraging conversation and developing a deeper rapport.
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Send thousands of text messages with one tap on Android

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We've all received those impersonal mass text messages, whether we're getting invited out to a birthday party, graduation celebration, or just a group dinner or outing. Usually when I see those sort of text messages, I delete them, mostly because they're not personal.
We have received many bulk objective text messages through on your phone, whether most of the users they check their messages regularly because they believe all it goes to personal. For example: birthday celebration, movies, travelling and more. Normally, If you find some unexpected message, you will delete or you will stop the messages.
6 Alternatives to Text Blaster

Refined is an extension that adds features to Slack. It lets you:

* Mute noisy 🤖

* Use markdown links on your messages 🙌

* Generate hangout links 🤙

* Add unread messages count to the title / favicon 🦄

* Broadcast all the threaded messages to the channel 🗣

* Move reactions / sidebar to the right 👉

You can enable only what's useful for you.

5 Alternatives to Refined
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