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Slack alternatives and competitors

Slack is a collaboration hub for work, no matter what work you do. It’s a place where conversations happen, decisions are made, and information is always at your fingertips. With Slack, your team is better connected.

Top alternatives for Slack

Zendesk for Startups
CX software that grows as you go.
  • Hangouts Chat by Google

    Hangouts Chat is an intelligent and secure communications tool, built for teams. From direct messages to group conversations, Chat makes team communication easy and efficient. Rolling out for all G Suite customers over the next week.

    After EAP, I am still very excited for this new Google Cloud product! Hangouts Chat will open up group messaging to a much wider range of or…

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  • Taskade 3.0

    Taskade is where remote teams chat, organize, and get things done. Map out your workflow from ideas to action, in one unified workspace.
    Download our apps for iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Windows.
    Taskade is simple, flexible, and free for individuals and teams
  • Stride

    Stride is a new way for teams to talk, meet, decide and do. With group chat & direct messaging, voice and video conferencing, and built-in collaboration tools, Stride is a team communication platform from the makers of Hipchat.

    Slack apps suck performance wise. expecting Atlassian to do a better job there.

  • Loom for Slack

    Loom is a new kind of work communication tool that helps you get your message across through instantly shareable videos, now available inside Slack.

    My whole team loves it.

  • Slack 2.0

    These improvements make it easier for anyone to use Slack, adapt it to how they work, and access essential tools.
    - New navigation
    - New compose button
    - Custom sidebar sections
    - Shortcuts button for apps, workflows
    - New themes (coming soon)
  • Telegram 6.0

    Biggest update with Folders and More.
  • Slack Video Messaging by Standuply

    Text messages are handy but lack emotions 😐

    Calls are essential but sometimes distracting

    Video messages convey data with a human touch 🙃

  • Fibery

    Create a workspace that brings teams together: sales ♥ marketing ♥ product ♥ R&D.
    Escape costly scattered tools and unreliable integrations by having goals, projects, customers, and docs connected in Fibery.
  • Loop Email

    Loop brings team messaging to your inbox so you and your team can email and chat from one app.

    This desktop and mobile app works with your Gmail, Outlook or any Office365 account. It's available for Mac OS, Windows and iOS with the Android app coming soon.

    Install Loop, connect it with your existing inbox and start messaging with your team!

    I hope this is here to stay.

  • The New Dropbox

    Bring together your files, your tools, and people, with an all-new Dropbox experience, including a new desktop app.
  • Sblack

    Sblack is a little free Mac app that applies a Dark Theme to Slack for Mac to make it easier on your eyes. Just drag and drop and you're done!

    Love the dark option, be great to toggle ON/Off

  • Islands

    Islands connects you with people, places and communities you care about at your college. Finding your people is a core, primal need and unlocks human potential.

  • Telegram 8.0

    Telegram 8.0 brings live streams with unlimited viewers, options to remove captions from media and hide sender names when forwarding, an easy way to jump to the next unread channel, an improved sticker panel, new animated emoji and more.
  • Quill

    Quill is the best way to message with a team or group. Built for productivity and focus, Quill reduces notifications, collects conversations into threads, and gets out of your way — so you can get back to doing what you do best.
  • Chatwoot

    Chatwoot is an open-source omnichannel communication platform built as an alternative to Intercom, Zendesk etc. Chatwoot helps you connect email, website live chat, social media handles, WhatsApp etc. and manage all your customer interactions from one place.
  • Range

    Save time and keep your remote team connected.
    ✅ Run daily Check-ins with your team.
    📎 Easily attach work from GitHub, GitLab, Asana, Jira, Trello, Google Docs and more.
    💬 Get started quickly with an amazing Slack app.
    🙌 300+ team building questions

    We've been using it on a fully remote team at SeatGeek for 6+ months and are big fans!

  • Dark Mode List

    Dark Mode List is a list of apps and sites that support dark mode

    Ok, if you were looking for a dark mode in some app and there aint one, chances are that there is an equivalent app that can do dark in this…

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  • Mattermost 1.0

    Alternative to proprietary SaaS messaging, Mattermost brings team communication into one place making it searchable and accessible anywhere. Written in Golang & React and run as a production-ready Linux binary under an MIT license with either MySQL or Postgres

    Mattermost is a breeze to install, configure and run. No flakiness, dependencies or arcane error messages. That's gives confidence to to run…

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  • Smart Slack Reminders

    No more lost messages in Slack. Ever.

    You schedule a follow-up, and the bot does it all for you. Magic.

    Keep calm and use the #1 Slack bot for standup meetings. And follow-ups.

  • Vizy

    Vizy is a click-to-talk collaboration tool with NLP-powered transcription, screen sharing, multiplayer app collaboration, crystal clear voice and video channels, file sharing, and more.