Alternative products to Sketchfab AR for iOS

12 alternative and related products to Sketchfab AR for iOS

Sketchfab AR for iOS
Explore a million things in AR and publish AR with no code

Millions of experiences to explore in AR! On any model tap the new AR icon next to the VR icon to place the selected model in the real world.

12 Alternatives to Sketchfab AR for iOS

The ultimate place to buy and sell 3D models

Find everything from low poly assets to animated rigs & digital scans for your 3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality projects. With our model inspector, what you see is what you get.

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Sketchfab just launched a store so that you can buy an sell 3D models and reuse them in commercial projects. This is a major new feature for Sketchfab, which has become one of the biggest repositories of 3D models on the web.
Startup Sketchfab is taking one of its biggest steps yet today and launching features so that users can buy and sell 3D objects. The company is supporting the industry standard glTF as its download format, which should make it easy for creators to take the objects purchased from the site and import them into creativity software.
5 Alternatives to Sketchfab Store

The first 3D type foundry for VR/AR, games, 3D-web and CGI

Hightype is a Berlin based Typefoundry focusing on spatial typography. They design fonts for use in spatial contexts. While exploring arising possibilities, they specialise in the necessities of 3D-environments.

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It's Nice That
"Typography occupies such a wonderful spot between the abstract, the concrete and even the haptic," explains the founding designer. Combining an interest in graphic design and spatial practices, one of Manuel's fundamental aims for the project lies in "inviting designers to profit from the rich world of three-dimensional tools," not to mention seeing and app… See more
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Replace boring audio guides with games & puzzles

Interactive location based AR storytelling for cultural tourism destinations.

Nexto enables creation of engaging location based narratives that turn the visitor experience of cultural tourism destinations (museums, nature parks, historic cities, archeological sites ...) into gamified adventures with elements of augmented reality.

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Booking Booster
It's hard to believe we've reached the end of the first ever Booster Lab in Barcelona. It was a weekend full of passion, inspiration, energy and hard work. Read some of the the highlights here.
What if you could play with landmarks instead of just touring them? Nexto is turning audio guides into games to make sightseeing more interactive. Launching today as part of TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 's Battlefield competition, Nexto is partnering with tourist destinations to help them attract more visitors and earn more money to fund culture.
12 Alternatives to Nexto

Make collages in AR space using photography by Google

Weird Cuts uses the procedure of cutting and assembling to augment our space and to explore the poetic of AR. Created with the support of Google Arts & Culture.

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In addition to preserving art and historic landmarks around the world, Google's Arts & Culture division also likes to collaborate with artists to experiment with integrations between technology and art. The latest of these efforts, a new AR app called "Weird Cuts," was formall...
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