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Sketch Repo alternatives and competitors

Collection of resources for anyone who uses Sketch
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  • Supernova Studio is the first tool which truly bridges the gap between designers and developers.

    Supernova Studio does this by taking your Sketch files and automatically converting them to native mobile UI, adding animations, navigation, layout etc. in the process - as you like. Supporting iOS, Android and React Native.

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    I tested react native

  • Timeline for Sketch is the first ever Sketch plugin for creating timeline animations.

    No more jumping between several tools for creating GIFs.

    This simple and powerful tool lets you animate within Sketch for your websites, mobile apps, newsletters, banners, ads and more.

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    Is there an way to export the Data with Bodymovin or make a .ai File?

  • The Icons8 team rolls out a global update for Lunacy, a native Windows app that opens, edits, and stores .sketch files. In short, it’s long-awaited Sketch for Windows. It helps design teams working on different operating systems and improves the transition from design to development. It's a beta version. And it’s completely free.

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    This is still in the early stages but I like what I see so far! As a product manager constantly working with designers, I can now open desig…

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  • Frames for Sketch

    Hello Product Hunt!

    Want to introduce you Frames for Sketch - carefully crafted components and Sketch best practises combined into a powerful web design system, that will supercharge your design workflow.

    Discover how to get started with Frames Design System - Read article on Medium

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  • SketchApp.rocks

    Index of all awesome things related to Sketch.
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  • Charts

    The most comprehensive collection of charts, graphs and diagrams for Sketch
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  • Sketch Extensions

    An official collection of Sketch extensions & plugins
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  • Flowkit is a Sketch library that allows you to quickly build out high-level flows to tell the story of your designs—perfect for presentations and documentation. You have full control over intelligently-named symbols and endpoints, making complex flows a walk in the park.

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    Looks like the go-to Flow Diagram kit for Sketch.

  • Build with Sketch

    You don't have to learn Bézier curves and vector graphics principles. Build logotypes, fonts, custom patterns using a compatible set of smart Sketch symbols. Modular. Simple. Free.

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  • Diya

    Design animations and preview them directly in Sketch

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  • Nawvel is a library updated by modern day librarians and synthesizers. We spend 1000s of $$$ on resources and 1000s of hours on researching quality resources to save you time.
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    great job shahid, ashmita, raghu and shivam <3
  • Your artboards laid out precisely the way you left them in Sketch. Viewable in the browser on any device.

    New in Version 2:

    Intuitive Controls: Canvas, just like Sketch

    Minimap: Never leave an artboard unseen

    Changelog: See whats change from version to version

    Collaborate: Invite others to work with you

    Manage Access: Introducing private files

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  • Sometimes we need a feature for our design workflow that Sketch has not implemented yet. Thankfully, Sketch app provides a powerful tools for plugin makers, and we can create one easily.

    This course will take you through creating your first Sketch plugin (Design+Code’s Angle) and will explain basic Sketch extensibility concepts.

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  • Atomize

    Atomize Design System is the most advanced UI design framework that helps designers create beautiful and consistent user interfaces for the web.

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  • Illustration Tools

    Illustration Tools is a platform for illustrators, creatives, and artists. It serves as a meeting point for the community, providing tools, knowledge, and a space for discussion.

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  • React Sketch.app

    Managing the assets of design systems in Sketch is complex, error-prone and time consuming. Sketch is scriptable, but the API often changes. React provides the perfect wrapper to build reusable documents in a way already familiar to JavaScript developers.

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  • Symbol is an advanced web-design system based on Sketch nested symbols. There are not only the components but also the logic, the atomic structure. You can easily change just one symbol to create your own design style super fast.

    Devil is in the details:

    Easy to Customize. We spent a lot of time to make basic elements flexible and customizable

    Smart Typography. Just change the font once and it changes everywhere!

    United Colors. Use color palette to change all linked components in one move!

    Adaptive Elements. If you want to resize the element — just do it! Content will adjust to new size automatically!

    Ready to Code. We are already working on Symbol Framework which will help you to move your design to code

    Made for Speed. Speed-up your workflow on complicated websites up to 2× fast

    Soo, welcome home sketchers!

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    The Symbol Design System is a very good sketch library and I really recommend using it!

    It's available in the UI8.net and the getcraftwork.co…

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  • Syntax Highlighter is a plugin for Sketch that highlights code snippets directly in Sketch Text Layers.

    It supports 170+ languages and comes with more than 70 themes, including popular ones like Monokai, Tomorrow Night or Solarized.

    Happy Highlighting!

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    Creating good looking code snippets in sketch, was always a huge pain. Which cost a lot of time.

    Not its only 2 clicks away :)

  • Fludish Sketch UI Kit

    Fludish Sketch UI Kit is high quality pack based on fluent design system, includes 50+ iOS screen templates designed in Sketch, 9 most popular categories (Sign In / Sign Up, Walkthroughs, Menu, E-commerce, Profile, Media, Statistics, Messages, Social)

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  • Hello everyone! 👋

    This tool helps us keeping clear design workflow working on client or own projects.

    You can store project screens organized as site-tree navigation. Every screen can be shared with a client or teammate, simply by sending the link.

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    I wanted to add idea that there should be sketch sync plugin to sync artboards and upload. Also what would be great is to add zip / sketch /…

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