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Sketch Palettes

Sketch plugin to save and load colors into the color picker

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Timeline for Sketch

Create beautiful timeline animations in Sketch

Timeline for Sketch is the first ever Sketch plugin for creating timeline animations.

No more jumping between several tools for creating GIFs.

This simple and powerful tool lets you animate within Sketch for your websites, mobile apps, newsletters, banners, ads and more.

Timeline for Sketch is a plugin that enables timeline animations in Sketch. Check out our Pre-Sale: See more
Creating animations inside @sketchapp 🚀 Testing the alpha version of "Timeline" from @AnimaApp Looks promising!
📣 We are delighted to announce that we are launching a pre-sale for a very exciting product that will empower designers, change the everyday workflow of many of you, and bring us one step closer to fulfilling our vision. 💪 Our mission is to bring design and development closer together.
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Nick Abouzeid- Ship & Growth at Product Hunt ⛵
Manage different versions of your designs automagically ✨ Perfect for people who *always* want to go back and redo their designs.
Enki Blog
Version control is a system which records and stores every change made to a set of files, so that you can go back to a previous state at any time. Developers have been using this method for a long time (the first kind of version control system was developed in the 70s) and it is now unthinkable to seriously write software without one.
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Delicious color tracker for designers

HexCandy is a delicious color tracker for designers 👨‍🎨

👉 Save your favorite colors

👉 Give a name to your colors

👉 Copy the hex code of your colors

Today I launched a little and awesome web app I made in two weeks, introducing HexCandy. HexCandy is just a delicious color tracker for designers, that is, you like a color, you save it on HexCandy, and it remains with you forever.
Silo Creativo
Pues aquí estamos de nuevo, con la segunda entrega de SiloMag. En esta ocasión os traemos varias herramientas web para facilitar y optimizar nuestro trabajo cuando estemos diseñando, un par de artículos muy interesantes sobre webs de noticias, y las WordCamps y sus patrocinadores, un podcast sobre temas para WordPress, además de enseñaros otro plugin muy atr… See more
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🎨 A color picker for people who live in their 📝 text editor

.colors() allows you to paste any code you like to quickly figure out the color palette that's hidden in it. Whether it be CSS, JS, or whatever else. As long as there's a CSS-compatible color in there, the tool will gather it for you.

You can even sort the colors you found and get a sorted array! ✨

Very handy for quickly dealing with colors!

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