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10 alternative and related products to Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Find the shortest path between two subjects

Find the shortest path between two (data) points.Six Degrees of Wikipedia is

10 Alternatives to Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Big update for iOS: now with shareable "fact cards"

Aysha Ayub
Aysha Ayub- Digital Marketing Analyst
Hey, Dayyan I use wiki mobile on a daily basis. My entire student life went on searching for information on the wiki. From preparing for exams, assignments to general information Wiki is really very handy. Bookmarking, Creating folders for specific topics etc can be used by the users for personalization. Also, it's free with a lot of information. The one f… See more
13 Alternatives to Wikipedia Mobile

A high-class encyclopedia and an interactive travel guide

V for Wiki is a unique combination of a high-class encyclopedia and an interactive travel guide. The signature Nearby Map view highlights Wikipedia content about places in your area. A daily updated overview shows which articles are currently the most read. The app’s thoughtful typography makes reading long articles pleasant.

8 Alternatives to V for Wikipedia

An encyclopedia on your wrist

MiniWiki is the best way to browse Wikipedia™ on your Apple Watch with ease.

If you want to search across over 40 million articles, download articles for offline reading, or find out all about your surroundings with nearby articles, MiniWiki has you covered!

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MiniWiki is a new app from developer Will Bishop that allows you to browse Wikipedia directly from your Apple Watch. The app supports features like popular articles around you, offline reading, bookmarks, and more. When you first open MiniWiki on your Apple Watch, you'll see a list of ways to discover articles.
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6 Alternatives to MiniWiki

Find Wikipedia articles on Email and Slack with Familiar Bot

Every wikipedia article, all in one place. This bot part gives you the ability to search Wikipedia, without switching apps.

Install Familiar Bot on Slack, or send email to

Email or Slack DM: "give me a wiki for Product Hunt"

Slack mention: "@familiarbot wiki green tea"

Slack command: "/wiki Green Tea"

Happy searching!

Jason Hargrove 🌱
Jason Hargrove 🌱- Familiar Bot and sipping green tea <3
The team at @familiarHQ has used this little robot for a couple years on Slack for a few things including Wikipedia. And we've just released that skill on Slack to use for free. I like that I can rely on Fam Bee to give me the search result quickly and privately, where on the big tech search engines I may not find the result top ranked in some cases, and I a… See more
6 Alternatives to Wikipedia for Familiar Bot

Plots a timeline of important events from any Wikipedia URL

TimeFunction lets you parse any Wikipedia webpage into ordered set of events. Events occurred in same year are collected together & displayed chronologically. We do not modify the original content of the webpage but rather display year & text excerpts from the original URL thereby maintaining the integrity of the web-page

5 Alternatives to TimeFunction
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