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Simplify for Mac
The simplest way to control Spotify, Rdio, Vox and iTunes.
16 Alternatives to Simplify for Mac

A powerful volume control app for Windows

EarTrumpet is a powerful volume control app for Windows that allows users to visualize audio with multi-channel aware peaking, move apps between playback devices, and more.

"EarTrumpet is the Windows 10 volume control app Microsoft should have created" - The Verge

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How-To Geek
Windows 10: Quickly adjust the volume for all of your applications, separately, and send audio from different applications to different playback devices. EarTrumpet lets you do all that and more from the Windows 10 system tray, and it's so sleek you'll wonder why Windows didn't behave this way in the first place.
If you use your Windows 10 PC for a lot of audio work and use multiple apps as well as inputs and outputs, you're probably aware that handling them can be a challenge. Microsoft has made some improvements to sound controls with new audio settings in Windows 10 1803 - most notable is managing individual app levels.
Windows: To be honest, Windows 10's volume controls aren't that special. You can set the volume for the default speakers you're listening to; you can change your default speakers (from your monitor's crappy built-in speakers to your awesome headphones, for example); and ... that's it.
Windows Central
EarTrumpet has a solid reputation as an audio mixer to replace the default mixer on Windows 10. It allows you to control individual app volumes, switch between playback devices, and controls your default audio devices. Last year we said that every Windows 10 user should consider installing it and that's still true.
Last week I blogged about some new audio features in Windows 10 that make switching your inputs and outputs easier, but even better, allow you to set up specific devices for specific programs. That means I can have one mic and headphones for Audition, while another for browsing, and yet another set for Skype.
A joint project among former Microsoft engineers Dave Amenta, Rafael Rivera and David Golden, EarTrumpet is a volume control app with an exceptionally clean and friendly UI. It makes navigating your various audio devices on a Windows 10 machine much simpler.
The Verge
Microsoft has made some steady improvements to audio control in Windows over the years, but if you use multiple outputs, headsets, or digital-to-analogue converters then you probably already know that Windows 10 doesn't handle them well. Thankfully, a third-party app has been trying to solve these issues recently and is getting a big update today.
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Unofficial multiplatform SoundCloud® app for your desktop

A SoundCloud app which integrates into your desktop. Never do you have to switch and find your browser tab again. With these native desktop integrations, you'll be listening to SoundCloud while being more productive.

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FOSSMint: Everything About Linux and FOSS
For the longest time, it seemed that those of us who are both Linux & SoundCloud users would be forever cursed with having to use a Web browser on our desktops in order to enjoy the application. But I bring you great news!
OMG! Ubuntu!
If you're on the hunt for a desktop Soundcloud app for Linux you need look no further than Auyro. The app lifts Soundcloud out of the browser and surfaces the music streaming service's feature set through a modern desktop app. Soundcloud is a fantastic music discovery platform but it has one big drawback: you have to use in the browser.
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hRemote helps you to control your music stream to AirPods/earbuds/headphones via Apple Watch:

1. Skip songs by twisting/tilting your wrist forward (check out iPhone app for a demo).

2. Change volume level by scrolling digital crown.

3. Play/pause via button.

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