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SimilarWeb alternatives and competitors

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Top alternatives for SimilarWeb

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  • Fathom Analytics

    2 reviews

    Fathom Analytics is a simpler and more privacy-focused alternative to Google Analytics.

    Fathom respects the privacy of your users and does not collect any personally identifiable information. All while giving you the information you need about your site, so you can make smarter decisions about your design and content.

    I'm excited to see a modern open source alternative for web analytics. I've been a happy Fathom user since the code was first put up on Gith…

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  • Volument

    Free options
    After three years of intense work and a year-long beta, including sites from Digital Ocean, Shopify, and Flowplayer: Volument is finally open for everyone. Here's the story:
  • Volument

    Free options
    Volument is a website analytics software designed for conversion optimization — the fine art of getting more sales, leads, and virality. With focus on privacy, you can ditch cookie banners and start building something people truly want.