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Machine learning fraud prevention
7 Alternatives to Sift Science

Defend your business from the unpredictability of disputes

Introducing Stripe Chargeback Protection:
🛡️ Avoid the unpredictability of fraudulent disputes
👛 Get reimbursed for the disputed amount and dispute fee
🙅 Forget about evidence submission

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Payments processing company Stripe is now offering a chargeback protection service to prevent businesses from incurring costs from fraud disputes. Built on Stripe's machine learning-based fraud prevention tool Radar, the chargeback service offers automatic reimbursement for the cost of a disputed charge and any associated fees.
@Stripe introduces Chargeback Protection: 👛 Stripe pays the disputed amount and dispute fee 🙅 You don't need to submit evidence anymore I calculated and it costs me 33% less to pay 0.4% extra per payment than to pay the chargeback disputes
Wow-Stripe's new 'chargeback protection' is a godsend for anyone who never wants to deal with trying to win a credit card dispute again.
Stripe, the payments company, announced Monday (June 2) the launch of Chargeback Protection, a new service that provides customers with machine learning-based fraud protection. In a press release, Stripe said the new tool is based on Radar, its tool that prevents fraud and protects against future chargebacks.
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Improved fraud prevention with Radar 2.0

We launched Radar in 2016 to help protect our users from fraud. We’ve continuously invested in our fraud prevention tools, we’re excited to launch the result of those efforts.

We’ve also honed features to be even more useful to fraud professionals, built new features, and packaged them all together in a new bundle called Radar for Fraud Teams.

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Cybersecurity continues to be a growing focus and problem in the digital world, and now Stripe is launching a new paid product that it hopes will help its customers better battle one of the bigger side-effects of data breaches: online payment fraud.
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I'm loath to use the term, but Stripe is a revolutionary product. It allows pretty much anyone to accept card payments just by adding a few lines of code to their site, without having to deal with the hassle of compliance and security. As you might expect, Stripe has gotten really good at identifying legitimate ...
6 Alternatives to Stripe Radar 2.0

Ditch the manual work needed to manage disputes

Built for internal teams and employees tasked with "managing disputes" e.g. responding to chargebacks. This new app aims to automate the manual process of logging into many different places, gathering data and making sense of it to build a representment document that adheres to chargeback rules unique to each card network (Visa/MC/Amex/Disc/PP)

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The Chargeback App was an ambitious undertaking that took the better part of the past 24 months to realize. In 2016, following numerous meetings, late-night worrying, and early-morning sessions, we decided to kill our old technology platform and rebuild it from scratch: a grueling and monumental project.
Dec. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Online sales will hit $2.3 trillion this year. The inherent difficulties of shipping, returns, theft and fraud will result in $9 billion being disputed. A result of the fact that online transactions are disputed 12X the rate of their brick and mortar counterpart.
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