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11 alternative and related products to SideProjectors

Marketplace to buy and sell side projects

SideProjectors is a marketplace for buying and selling side projects.

11 Alternatives to SideProjectors

Find out how much you can sell your side project for 🏷

Find out how much your side projects are worth and how much they can sell for.

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A $100,000/year business can sell for $300,000 cash. $300,000 cash invested at 7%, is $21,000/year return. That's $79,000/year less than you were making before you sold. But less risky. So selling your company isn't necessarily a reason to celebrate.
Another "trick" to be aware of is the use of the social obligation to return favors: 1/ Acquirer makes an offer that's much lower than budget 2/ You refuse 3/ Acquirer "makes" a concession and offers true budget 4/ You feel socially pressured to make an effort in return...
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Connecting makers & marketers

Adhunt is where makers and marketers can connect before a big launch. Makers can quickly showcase their product to marketers in an attempt to get a sponsorship or run native ads for launch day.

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Connecting Makers & Marketers Pre-Launch
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