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Shortly alternatives and competitors

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Using AI to extend your creativity. Just click a button and the AI will continue writing your story, generating new creative plots and story developments.
Imagine the greatest writers of the world helping you write better, at the click of a button.

Top alternatives for Shortly

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  • AI Writer Chrome Extension

    8 reviews
    Free options
    Use the world's most advanced AI to write for you. Blog content, landing pages, ad copy, and so much more.
  • ContentBot

    12 reviews
    Free options
    Generate full blog posts or expand your content at the click of a button. Tweak it, edit it, add to it and you're good to go!
  • Wordtune

    Wordtune Chrome extension is an AI-powered writing companion that helps you translate your thoughts into words. Wordtune understands what you are trying to say and provides tailored suggestions to make your writing more clear, compelling, and authentic!
  • Grammatica

    1 review
    Whether you're writing an urgent email, a text message, or a tweet - typos or other writing errors can turn out to be pretty embarrassing
    and misleading.
    Grammatica helps you to supercharge your writing skills
  • Shortly

    Shortly is an app for reading short stories.

    Pick how long you have to read (1, 3 or 5 minutes) and you will get a story of that length from the best of /r/writingprompts on Reddit.

  • BetterWriter

    2 reviews
    Free options
    Simply install a Chrome Extension to write better and faster with GPT-3. Select any text and Generate better content ideas!
  • Flacked AI

    3 reviews
    Free options
    Flacked AI is an AI Writer that simplifies the process of writing by helping people organize their thoughts and streamline their writing in a much shorter time.
  • Shortly 2.0

    I am making reading fiction more compact and convenient for the Snapchat generation.
    You select how much time you have - one minute, three minutes or five minutes - and Shortly gives you a top-rated short story of that length.
  • Yarn

    Addicting short stories
  • QuillBot

    2 reviews
    Free options
    🔥 Paraphraser, summarizer, & grammar checker — Helps you write! — QuillBot is sophisticated AI using Natural Language Understanding to automatically reconstruct your content to improve clarity. Very generous FREE tier gives you a lot without having to pay.
  • NeuralText Smart Writer

    Create your fine-tuned language generation models in a couple of clicks without any technical knowledge and let the model finish your sentences.
  • Typli.AI

    2 reviews
    Typli.AI is the most intuitive A.I Content tool which combines AI Writing and an SEO Assistant that can help you save time and write smarter. Typli.ai can understand your instructions, simply use our +100 writing commands and let the magic happen!
  • Quick Story

    You can read English short stories ranging from 2 minutes to 60 minutes.
    Read classic short stories for your limited time!
    You can also use it to learn English by reading short stories and looking up at the dictionary.
  • Research AI 3.0

    Free options
    24/7 AI writing assistant that helps write marketing content for your business.
  • OtterWriter

    4 reviews
    Free options
    OtterWriter is the easiest way to find and use templates.
    OtterWriter provides hundreds of day-2-day templates, updated and maintenanced on a daily basis.
    With our extension, you can upload your own templates and use variables with a click of a button.
  • NovelAI

    Free options
    Our AI algorithms create writing based on your own, enabling anyone to produce quality literature. Offering unprecedented levels of freedom, using AI models trained on literature. The AI adapts to your input, maintaining your perspective and style.
  • Ink

    Ink is a minimalist writing tool designed to turn high-focus writing sessions into habit.

    1. Set a custom writing goal
    2. Write in an interface that helps you focus
    3. Track your progress and create a life-changing habit
  • Letters Across Time

    Letters Across Time is a storytelling service, where you can sign up to receive letters from a character telling a unique story. Stories are in a variety of genres and last almost 3 months each.

  • Hykoo

    Short stories told in 12-second videos with text
  • Articled

    It's often difficult for most people to share their thoughts and over time it builds up in them, to let people have these thoughts free and release their burden we build this app. Here everyone can write freely without being getting judged by others.