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Short Menu 3.0 for Mac

Short Menu 3.0 for Mac alternatives and competitors

2 reviews

Short Menu is an URL shortener that sits in your Mac's menu bar. It supports 17 different services by default and is highly extensible. When opening Short Menu, it automatically takes the URL from your clipboard. You only have to press one button, then Short Menu will shorten your URL and automatically copy the short URL for you.

Top alternatives for Short Menu 3.0 for Mac

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  • linkmoji

    1 review
    The emoji URL shortener (🍕💩.ws)

    linkmoji is a great tool help you turn your URL to funny and cool Emoji icons and faces. I have tried it right now and found it cools :) Her…

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  • Rebrandly

    Create and share links with your custom domain name
  • Shorten.REST

    2 reviews
    Shorten.REST is the web's most robust, flexible & scale-able Transactional URL Shortening API.
  • Hipolink

    Hipolink.net is a service for creating the websites for Instagram. It allows you to add all your contact information to one page, and then set up this Hipolink link in Instagram.
  • Pixela

    2 reviews
    URL shortener which adds retargeting pixels to each shortened link.
    ✅ Generate tracking links with retargeting pixels
    ✅ Tag people who click your tracking links and reach them again
    ✅ Integrated into Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest and more
  • my.new

    1 review
    Make your frequent-visited web pages' URL memorable.
    Now, You don't need to rummage the unorganized bookmarks menu or try to remember long and unmemorizable URLs.
    You can quickly map any URLs to 'my.new/your-own-words'.
  • MergeURL

    3 reviews
    Multiple URLs belonging to the same purpose can become cumbersome to display, share, and handle. We present MergeURL, unlike other similar products, shorten multiple URLs instantly while overcoming the barriers of user registration.
  • Cutt.ly

    1 review
    Cutt.ly lets you understand more about click-through of your links. We give you a huge marketing tool with advanced URLs tracking system and custom daomains for free without any hidden commitments. Why? Because we believe that the best things should be free.
  • Miny.App

    Miny.app is a free tool that reduces long links into a short, custom and easy to share links. Miny.app is a 100% privacy-focused tool, it does not track or store any personal information. We do not track users or clicks on a shortened link.
  • SocialPort.io

    SocialPort helps you to edit link preview for Facebook and Twitter without coding. It’s an URL shortener for social marketing.

  • Plink

    2 reviews
    Plink makes smart links for podcasts. Auto-open installed podcast apps native to listener's iOS, Android, and other mobile and smart watch devices. Each smart link also has a Show Page that desktop users will see with links to that show in major podcast apps.
  • Snīppet

    a macOS quick link finder inspired by uiw.tf

    building this to remember all sorts of cool links and to hit my routines each day
    let me know on twitter what you'd like to see next!
  • chl.li URL shortener

    chl.li is a URL shortener. A URL shortener. That's it. No tracking, no analytics. Just a URL shortener. Nothing more.
  • URLify

    1 review
    urlify.dev is a free URL shortener which is secure & Anonymous with 0 logs. and also provides a quickly accessable API to create Short URL on the fly
  • Fast URL Shortener

    1 review
    Simple and fast tool to create a shortened URL making it easy to remember and share. Manage your history, fully responsive and more amazing features.
  • ST.HT

    1 review
    ST.HT helps you quickly shorten long URLs and provides features like custom alias, password protection, detailed analytics, location & device targeting along with the option to add Facebook and other social media tracking pixels.
  • AutoShorten

    AutoShorten allows you to shorten links easily: simply copy a link and when you paste it it'll already be shortened. You can also share a link with AutoShorten to shorten it and also limit the domains you want to shorten automatically, as well as choose between goo.gl and bit.ly

  • Urlnet

    Dead simple URL shortener. Anonymous, no cookies, no tracking.
    Public API is available now! Please check the bottom of the page for a link to Open API document.
  • Swink

    Free options
    Swink allows you to easily create short links with simple stats and automatically branded QR codes.
  • Take Me There

    This tool is a URL Shortening service powered by Google Apps Script and hosted using Github Pages.