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14 alternative and related products to Shipstreams

A list of makers shipping live

👩‍💻👨‍💻 Shipstreams is a list of makers building in the open & streaming their work.

💪 Built to inspire more makers to share their process.

14 Alternatives to Shipstreams

Watch and stream live games on Facebook is a gaming hub, allowing users to watch and stream games, and live Esport competitions.

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Facebook wants to entice more video-game broadcasters - and their fans - to use its platform, rolling out several features that will ratchet up competition with category pioneer Twitch. In January, Facebook launched a gaming-creator program, paying some top players to stream exclusively on Facebook.
At the same time, Facebook is giving new streamers more opportunities to find their footing. It's unveiling a Level Up program in the months ahead that will let newcomers earn money from viewers who buy and send virtual items in the middle of live streams. It's somewhat like Twitch's Affiliate tier -- you can still generate an income without a full-fledged p… See more
Facebook wants a cut of the 3+ hours per week that young adult video gamers spend watching other people play. So today it's launch - as in the post-competition courtesy of saying "good game" - a destination where viewers can find a collection of all the video game streaming on Facebook.
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Find people who share your interests on discord

Discord Servers is a list of amazing discord servers, find communities who share your interests and promote your own servers for free.

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Support Discord Server List and get additional perks to help grow your discord servers
Browse discord servers that have global emotes, that can be used in any server without the need for nitro.
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Live video and screencast to all platforms simultaneously

We deliver live video and screencast streams to all content platforms simultaneously. We support by default live streaming to: - Instagram - Youtube - Twitch - ANY RTMP/RTSP server

Dragos Dobrean
Dragos Dobrean- all-rounder @ appssemble
With deliver you can live video and screencast streams to all content platforms simultaneously. We support by default live streaming to: - Instagram - Youtube - Twitch - ANY RTMP/RTSP server
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Discover a new prolific maker each week 🛠🔦

Maker Spotlight is a website + newsletter that will feature a new maker each week. The goal of Maker Spotlight is to grow and inspire the maker community. Who deserves the spotlight this week?

🔦 Spotlight includes maker information, current projects, and what inspires them

1️⃣ New maker featured each week

🛠 See what they are currently working on

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Discover all popular and newest streamer moments

There are lots of streamers on Twitch. You can't catch all of their best moments sametime. So, Hey Kappa is builded to watch all best moments everytime. Also It helps to discover new streamers too thanks to Streamer and Games category system.

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A heightened notifications experience for iOS

Stream Status is a crazy-powerful notification app that lets you know when your favorite Twitch Streamers are LIVE! Know what, when and for how long they’ve been streaming. Then we’ll even tell you if they change what they’re streaming, are still streaming or if they end their stream so you won’t miss a highlight.

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