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5 alternative and related products to Ship

Fast, native issue tracking for software projects
Hire vetted developers on demand at startup prices
5 Alternatives to Ship

At Linear, we are creating software for teams who want to build high quality products. Linear helps to streamline your team’s software projects, sprints and tasks. Integrated with Github, Gitlab, Figma and Slack. On MacOS, Web and Mobile.

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At Linear, we believe software can feel magical. Well designed tools and practices encourage momentum and level up execution in our teams. Linear is now open for sign ups at See more
Software will eat the world, as the saying goes, but in doing so, some developers are likely to get a little indigestion. That is to say, building products requires working with disparate and distributed teams, and while developers may have an ever-growing array of algorithms, APIs and technology a...
7 Alternatives to Linear

Kitemaker is a super-fast issue tracker built for teams and not managers. We have spent months working closely with startups to create a new type of issue tracker that helps team engage and improves collaboration.

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The world doesn't need more issue tracker/project management/task management tools, but we do need better ones. That is at least what Kevin, my cofounder, and I have concluded after managing teams together for the last five years and interviewing hundreds of teams. We have identified two main problems. The first is that people think these types of tools are … See more
4 Alternatives to Kitemaker
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