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13 alternative and related products to ShelfTaught

Crowdsourcing wisdom through book recommendations 📚

ShelfTaught is for sharing books in your areas of interest, being recognized for your expertise, and connecting with others.

It's for finding books and people in niches you want to learn about; powered by expert rank, not popularity (see maker's comment).

What are the best books to learn about B2B, or sales or B2B & sales? Ask ShelfTaught

13 Alternatives to ShelfTaught

We rank over 15,000 books everyday based on Reddit 📚

Looking for a new book or audio book? Like to compare books by trend? You are definitely at the right place!
At we collect and rank over 15,000 books from Reddit every day. Come visit us and find your forever favorite book!

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Reddit is an awesome place to find technology book gems. One of the reasons is because people recommend books through their natural community conversations without advertisement mindset. But have you ever felt Reddit is too massive to find the exact book you are looking for?
8 Alternatives to TopTrendBooks

All books discussed in the Freakonomics podcast in one place

A comprehensive stack of all the books ever mentioned in the Freakonomics podcast, an ideal addition to your reading list 📚

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I am a big fan of freakonomics podcast, I think it is the only podcast that I have listened to all of its episodes (more than 300). what I like more about freekonomics is the quality of the great books they usually discuss in their podcasts, they do even interview their authors sometimes.
3 Alternatives to Freakonomics books list ✔️

Book summaries for the whole company via email

Books At Work sends 20 minute non-fiction book summaries to all the employees in your company via email each week. Your employees who don't get time to read books can make use of these summaries to develop themselves. Hopefully, a company that uses will become smarter each day.

Zaheer Baloch
Zaheer Baloch- Maker of
Website I made so that company founders and executive can help their employees grow by reading books.
16 Alternatives to Books At Work

Gorgeous, highly-illustrated personalized picture books

Librio personalized books take the beauty and wonder from traditional picture books and mix them with technology PH would be proud of. Combine that with the world's most advanced printing technology, $1 donation to literacy charities for every book sold and absurdly high quality 100% recycled paper and we believe you have something truly unique.

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