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Turn your Google Sheet into an API instantly, for free

Turn any Google sheet into an API instantly, for free.

Power websites, apps, or whatever you like, all from a spreadsheet. Changes to your spreadsheet update your API in realtime.

22 Alternatives to Sheety

Generate a website from 📗 Google Sheets

Sheet 2 Site is a website generator that making beautiful site from Google Sheets

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I have a dream I want to ship products and earn $1,000 a month doing it. Why $1,000? I'm currently living in Bali, where I can live comfortably off of $1,000 per month. This isn't San-Francisco or Dubai where $1,000 moves quickly.
I recently quit my job to follow my passion. I gave myself one year to find success and a two step plan. In my previous startup, my step one was to create a list of apps that supported dark mode. The...
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Build powerful automations with just your spreadsheet skills

If Google Sheets and Zapier had a kid, it’d be Actiondesk! Actiondesk lets you create and schedule automations that:

- Import data from various sources (database and business apps),

- Run data transformations

- Trigger actions in your favorite business applications.

Raph Grieco
Raph Grieco- Life happens on Product Hunt.
Do you still think building powerful automation requires the most advanced technical skills? WRONG. With Actiondesk you can automate processes and transform data thanks to your existing spreadsheet skills. Fast learning curve. 10X your productivity in a few clicks. Focus on your business.
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"Actiondesk enables us to gather relevant and actionable KPIs for each our client in the one tool our account managers use: Hubspot" Gregoire Veron, Gymlib COO About Gymlib Gymlib is a subscription marketplace that lets users access any gym in France and Belgium. They initially started as a B2C service but then pivoted to a B2B2C service.
I'm Jonathan, the CEO & cofounder of ActionDesk. We let business teams easily automate their processes using only their spreadsheet skills, saving them tons of time.
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Turn Google Spreadsheet into API

Sheetsu is the simplest backend for startups from Google Spreadsheets and hosting from Google Drive

Costantin- I made and 📈
You can upload the csv to a google sheets and let Sheetsu do the rest
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Make Tech Easier
Nicholas Godwin 23rd Nov 2017 Internet Google Sheets add-ons go beyond rows and columns. You can use extensions to express mathematical formulas in graphs, build apps, develop APIs, craw up coordinates on maps, build machine learning tools for predictive analysis, and much more.
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Free tools & resources for non-tech makers and entrepreneurs

NoCode 2.0 is the ultimate directory of curated resources, tools and hacks for non-technical makers and entrepreneurs.

I believe business creation should be for the many and not just the few. NoCode looks to inspire the non-technical entrepreneurs!

Sam Dickie
Sam Dickie- Product Manager Maker NoCode & BetaTesta
All the no-code tools you could ever need!
Davis Baer
Davis Baer- Co-Founder of OneUp
@thisdickie does a great job curated the best code-free resources
Lindsay Shaver
Lindsay Shaver- S&P500 Escapee @Designed For Online
A compilation of free resources.
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Indie Hackers
Hi! My name is Sam Dickie. I live in London and I'm a Product Manager by day at ucreate and indie hacker by night. I'm the founder and maker of NoCode is a free curated directory of tools and resources aimed at non-technical makers and entrepreneurs.
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Create mobile apps from Google Sheets

Every spreadsheet is an amazing app waiting to happen. Pick a Google Sheet and Glide assembles a polished, data-driven mobile app that you can share with a link and publish to app stores if you desire.

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Today we're launching Glide to make it easy & fun for anyone to create amazing apps without code. Pick a Google Sheet and Glide assembles a polished, data-driven app that you can customize, share with a link, and publish to app stores if you desire.
The founders of Glide, a member of the Y Combinator Winter 2019 class, had a notion that building mobile apps in the enterprise was too hard. They decided to simplify the process by starting with a spreadsheet, and automatically turning the contents into a slick mobile app. David Siegel, CEO and co...
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Convert your website to an iOS and Android app

Convertify helps businesses create quick native apps using just a website URL. If you already have a responsive website, we wrap it and deliver your app in less than 24hrs so you can submit it to the Play Store and App Store.

Lucas Maldonado
Lucas Maldonado- Founder at PopMyAds
Convertify will help you turn your website to a native iOS or Android app. Our team will help with any special request and we are the most affordable option in the market
Lullaby Tom
Lullaby Tom- Readmore...
Why you not try it? I think it is your best choice.
Lucas Maldonado
Lucas Maldonado- Founder at PopMyAds
Convertify will help you turn your website to a native iOS or Android app. Our team will help with any special request and features. Convertify is also the most affordable option in the market.
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Build modern websites and apps for free

Sheetbase is a ecosystem that contains tools for developers to build websites and apps at small scaled.

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It's been some time since the first introduction of Sheetbase, at that point Sheetbase is very much a proof of concept, but we still receive good feedback from the community. So we decided spending more effort to push the platform further with lots of exciting stuffs.
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Create simple JSON APIs with GitHub Repository

It's simple tool to make simple JSON API and host them on GitHub Repository. I'm using this tool to maintain my portfolio data. Here is my portfolio website( that is build with simple JSON APIs and that API is maintain and build with this tool.

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⏰ In 10min I publish my tool as an Open Source in @github , because people wants to contribute. And I love that part. See more
🔨 Tool to make Simple and Quick JSON APIs with GitHub. - mddanishyusuf/json-apis-with-github
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Cloud-based platform to automate and share the entire company 🔄 workflows from an online spreadsheet. Automate your Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, and other processes using the technology you already know!

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Sheetgo utilizará estos fondos para ampliar y perfeccionar su tecnología, dirigida a mejorar la productividad de profesionales y particulares crear flujos de trabajo (workflows) a partir de hojas de cálculo online, ha cerrado una ronda de financiación liderada por Caixa Capital Risc.
Install Sheetgo here: We are featured on Product Hunt! Please show some love and support us: See more
Blog Sheetgo
Today, we are announcing our new vision on workflows . Sheetgo was actually supposed to kick-off in 2010 which is when Google saw it and said, "wow, you created an ERP with our spreadsheets, online? We didn't know that was possible." Despite a waiting list of clients, our inventors realized it was too early.
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Make a remarkable website on your iPhone in 60 seconds

A major update to Universe, the only website builder designed from the ground up for mobile phones. With Universe 3, you can now make any kind of site—a store, a portfolio, a magazine—with infinite pages straight from your iPhone with no code.

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This is just the beginning. The app has a new look, but you'll really begin to feel the change as we build on this new foundation with exciting new features to come. This is an major new chapter for Universe, and we can't wait to show you what's next. Stay tuned.
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Instantly generate openapi (OAS) 3.0.0 REST + GraphQL APIs

Tired of building APIs? Generate them!
Features 🙉
- Generates simple Nodejs Rest and GraphQL APIs
- Uses Mongodb with Mongoose ORM
- Generates CRUD APIs (supports search, sort, filter, pagination out of the box)
- Easy to build / deploy (Dockerfile included)

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e've gone from assembly to C to ...Javascript. It's clear the future will be about writing less code to do more.
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