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Sheetsu alternatives and competitors

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Sheetsu is the simplest backend for startups from Google Spreadsheets and hosting from Google Drive

Top Sheetsu alternatives
  • Turn any Google sheet into an API instantly, for free.

    Power websites, apps, or whatever you like, all from a spreadsheet. Changes to your spreadsheet update your API in realtime.

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  • Dashblock turns websites into APIs thanks to machine learning.
    Go to a page, right-click on the data you want and save your custom API. That's it, you can now query this API with similar URLs to automatically receive the structured data!
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  • The easiest way to scrape the web — Simple scraper turns websites into structured data with just a few clicks.
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  • Dashblock 2.0

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    Free options
    Dashblock allows you to build resilient browser automations without coding, and trigger those automations from an API. Integrate with your favorite apps in one click to build sophisticated workflows from simple blocks.
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  • dashdash (now Rows) is the spreadsheet with the best data and APIs for business.

    It's the easiest way to access online services and build automated tools using the spreadsheet skills you already have.

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    Neat! I've already requested an Early Access account. Sounds like it could be great for Sales/Growth Funnel Automation. Will you guys allow …

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  • Browse a gallery of prebuilt tools covering different use cases including finding and enriching people & companies, marketing, sales, operations, HR & recruiting, alerts, finance, translation, and more!
    🔊 Tip: watch the video above with sound on! 🔊
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  • Tabledo

    Create dynamic websites using data from your spreadsheets
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  • SheetBest

    Turn your Google SpreadSheet into an API that you can Read and Write! Everything without even logging in.
    This way you can use a SpreadSheet as the entire backend for your application just by providing us with the shareable link to it.
    Try it now for free!
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  • Pory.io is a no-code tool for creating websites using Airtable as a database. Using our collection of templates, you can create sites like marketplaces, social networks, lists and more!
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  • Sheetbase 1.0

    Sheetbase is a ecosystem that contains tools for developers to build websites and apps at small scaled.

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  • It's simple tool to make simple JSON API and host them on GitHub Repository. I'm using this tool to maintain my portfolio data. Here is my portfolio website(mohddanish.me) that is build with simple JSON APIs and that API is maintain and build with this tool.
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    Great idea to store your information on GitHub directly.

  • Calcapp

    Calcapp is an app designer for spreadsheet users with support for almost 300 formula functions. Lay out your interface visually, connect formulas to fields and share your app with co-workers and customers. Add multi-level menus to help your users navigate, buttons that e-mail PDF reports and validation rules that flag bad values. Apps work offline.

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  • Dropbase helps you bring offline files, such as CSV, Excel, and JSON files into a live database. Import files. Process and clean up data using a spreadsheet interface or by writing custom code. Export to a live database or generate REST APIs with 1 click.
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  • Clearbit Sheets

    Turn Google Sheets into a powerful sales prospecting tool.
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  • Api Spreadsheets

    -Instantly use your spreadsheets as an API and Database 🎉
    -Connect to Google Sheets, Dropbox and Local Spreadsheets 💻
    -Use our pre-written code samples to get started right away 📋
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  • Castodia lets you connect Google Sheets to databases, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and auto-refresh data on a schedule. Getting Started video here https://www.castodia.com/getting-started
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  • Bold

    Instantly turn your spreadsheets into software for your team Bold gives you a customisable, collaborative software system entirely powered by your spreadsheets.
    Combine data from all your different sheets into a single platform. All the data stays where it is
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  • Algo by AirDev

    How Algo works:

    1) Sign in with Google and connect to the spreadsheet that you want to use.

    2) Choose what cells you want to send to the model and what cells you want to receive from the model.

    3) Use your app to enter values, run them through the model, and get the results. Make your app public to share with others.

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  • MyQuickSite lets you convert your Google Sheet into a beautiful website. You can customize color, height & spacing, change font styles, all visually for the following area,
    - Header
    - Title and sub title
    - Menu
    - Search
    - Content
    - Individual rows and fields
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  • Link2Sheet

    Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with just one click.

    Do you use LinkedIn to find interesting people for your business? With Link2Sheet you can create lists of people you find on LinkedIn with just one click, more time to work on your leads!

    Useful for anyone who uses LinkedIn to find people, as sales, recruiters, entrepreneurs...

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