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Sheet 2 Site
Generate a website from 📗 Google Sheets

Sheet 2 Site is a website generator that making beautiful site from Google Sheets

34 Alternatives to Sheet 2 Site

Build custom ecommerce stores visually

Webflow Ecommerce is an entirely visual way to build and launch online stores — combined with built-in marketing tools to build an audience, promote your store, and grow your business on the Webflow platform.

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Webflow have today announced their latest tool 'Webflow eCommerce' looking to take a direct swipe at the eCommerce competition especially Shopify who currently lead the market for the 'simple to use' solution. Webflow has been around since 2013 and has been a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) tool that allows designers to build production-ready, respo… See more
If you have purchased anything from an online store lately that wasn't Amazon or Walmart or any other major retailer (except some major retailers), chances are you were using a Shopify e-commerce store. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, just a boring thing.
Ecommerce Platforms
One thing's for sure. Developing tech continues to drive ecommerce growth. And quite exponentially to say the least, with ecommerce platforms taking center stage. Of course, the numbers of digital merchants progressively taking up ecommerce platforms have been impressive. But, have you ever felt that the industry could perhaps do better?
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Free, fast and fun way to build modern websites and apps 🛠️

Sheetbase is a collection of tools that helps developing websites/apps fast, easy and free. By using modern technology at the front-end (top JS frameworks) and using free Google services for back-end logics (database, mailing, file, ...). Sheetbase is suitable for the most of small to medium projects.

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Create mobile apps from Google Sheets

Every spreadsheet is an amazing app waiting to happen. Pick a Google Sheet and Glide assembles a polished, data-driven mobile app that you can share with a link and publish to app stores if you desire.

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Today we're launching Glide to make it easy & fun for anyone to create amazing apps without code. Pick a Google Sheet and Glide assembles a polished, data-driven app that you can customize, share with a link, and publish to app stores if you desire.
The founders of Glide, a member of the Y Combinator Winter 2019 class, had a notion that building mobile apps in the enterprise was too hard. They decided to simplify the process by starting with a spreadsheet, and automatically turning the contents into a slick mobile app. David Siegel, CEO and co...
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Convert your website to an iOS and Android app

Convertify helps businesses create quick native apps using just a website URL. If you already have a responsive website, we wrap it and deliver your app in less than 24hrs so you can submit it to the Play Store and App Store.

Lucas Maldonado
Lucas Maldonado- Founder at PopMyAds
Convertify will help you turn your website to a native iOS or Android app. Our team will help with any special request and we are the most affordable option in the market
Lullaby Tom
Lullaby Tom- Readmore...
Why you not try it? I think it is your best choice.
Lucas Maldonado
Lucas Maldonado- Founder at PopMyAds
Convertify will help you turn your website to a native iOS or Android app. Our team will help with any special request and features. Convertify is also the most affordable option in the market.
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Build modern websites and apps for free

Sheetbase is a ecosystem that contains tools for developers to build websites and apps at small scaled.

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It's been some time since the first introduction of Sheetbase, at that point Sheetbase is very much a proof of concept, but we still receive good feedback from the community. So we decided spending more effort to push the platform further with lots of exciting stuffs.
17 Alternatives to Sheetbase 1.0

Build apps instead of spreadsheets

Calcapp is an app designer for spreadsheet users with support for almost 300 formula functions. Lay out your interface visually, connect formulas to fields and share your app with co-workers and customers. Add multi-level menus to help your users navigate, buttons that e-mail PDF reports and validation rules that flag bad values. Apps work offline.

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When I was 21, my father asked me to create an app for the hospital department where he worked as a doctor. Numbers would be entered and other numbers would appear. I thought it sounded simple enough. My father worked with babies born too early and had written his PhD thesis on their nutritional needs.
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Cloud-based platform to automate and share the entire company 🔄 workflows from an online spreadsheet. Automate your Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations, and other processes using the technology you already know!

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Sheetgo utilizará estos fondos para ampliar y perfeccionar su tecnología, dirigida a mejorar la productividad de profesionales y particulares crear flujos de trabajo (workflows) a partir de hojas de cálculo online, ha cerrado una ronda de financiación liderada por Caixa Capital Risc.
Install Sheetgo here: We are featured on Product Hunt! Please show some love and support us: See more
Blog Sheetgo
Today, we are announcing our new vision on workflows . Sheetgo was actually supposed to kick-off in 2010 which is when Google saw it and said, "wow, you created an ERP with our spreadsheets, online? We didn't know that was possible." Despite a waiting list of clients, our inventors realized it was too early.
5 Alternatives to Sheetgo Workflows

Turn Google Sheets into a powerful sales prospecting tool.

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"We benchmarked a number of existing services that can match IP addresses to company name, and Reveal helped us to identify 11X the anonymous traffic that any of the others returned.
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Clearbit, a startup that provides a number of business intelligence APIs, is today launching to provide powerful company and person information for developers. The idea is simple: send Clearbit an email address or company URL via an API call and you'll get back a bunch of useful information on the person or company you've queried.
13 Alternatives to Clearbit Sheets

Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with one click

Save LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet with just one click.

Do you use LinkedIn to find interesting people for your business? With Link2Sheet you can create lists of people you find on LinkedIn with just one click, more time to work on your leads!

Useful for anyone who uses LinkedIn to find people, as sales, recruiters, entrepreneurs...

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Les outils de la veille
Link2Sheet est une extension pour votre navigateur Chrome qui va vous permettre de récupérer et de mettre de côté des profils présents sur LinkedIn avec une étonnante facilité. Comment récupérer simplement et sans y passer des heures des profils présents sur LinkedIn ?
8 Alternatives to Link2Sheet

Turns any Google Docs document into a modern website

Keeping a website updated is a time-consuming task since it requires to update external interfaces every-time a change is done. Docs2web enables individuals and teams to publish a modern website from a Google Docs document. The content is automatically updated every time a change is done. This is especially convenient for resumes, team work, etc.

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Some weeks ago I was asked to create a website where multiple people were collaborating. It was an interesting challenge since the changes in the content were happening constantly on a Google Docs document. Keeping track of all the changes and updating the static website URL that was provided to me, sounded like a very intensive back and forth process to kee… See more
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