Alternative products to Serverless Framework v1.0

Serverless Framework v1.0

Build auto-scaling, pay per execution apps on AWS Lambda

5 alternative and related products to Serverless Framework v1.0

Should your EC2 be a Lambda? is a tool we built to help us figure out if our EC2 based workloads were a good candidate for migrating towards serverless on AWS Lambda. There's an automated tool if you're using Elastic Beanstalk, otherwise answer a few questions and you'll get a cost comparison and recommendation.

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Serverless is still a new technology, and figuring out the ins and outs of when it should be applied is still somewhat uncharted territory. That's why we here at IOpipe created; a website...
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Use serverless functions from a community discussion library

FunctionFactory is a serverless platform where you can easily create new apps with components from our community library.

Ask a question, or search for existing answers, then quickly add the attached function to your code.

Call your functions as API endpoints or publish them to the world as web pages!

Serverless is a great way to host back-end functions without the need to deploy and maintain an environment. But sometimes it can be hard to get started and define all required permission. Today I'll show you how to email a contact form using pre-made serverless components from the library - All it takes is a few clicks and very little cod… See more
Beyond acting as API endpoints or gluing together back-end services, serverless (FaaS) functions are also capable of serving web pages. In this article we will review an alternative method for serving web pages using serverless functions - one that utilizes the asynchronous nature of web applications and a serverless architecture.Apart for accelerating serve… See more
7 Alternatives to FunctionFactory
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