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SEO Audit

SEO Audit alternatives and competitors

2 reviews

SEO tool will audit your website thoroughly and tells you what need to be fixed on your website to improve the search engine rankings.

Top alternatives for SEO Audit

Jotform Apps
Create powerful apps with no code
  • Curated Seo Tools

    1 review

    Curated list of time proven tools for SEO.

    It would be nice to have more informations about each product/tool

  • SEO Dub

    5 reviews
    SEO Dub - AI-powered SEO audit and planning tool that:
    🔎 scan yours and your competitor websites daily
    👨‍💻detects weaknesses
    📈tracks over 100K top ranking URLs
    👩‍🎓use all the data to learn
    ✨creates customized, easy to follow strategy
    🏆gets you to the #1

    Support is awesome!

  • Site Audit by Ahrefs

    8 reviews

    Site Audit by Ahrefs is a cloud-based crawler that will scan your entire website (no matter how large it is) and report everything that is wrong with it from an SEO perspective. User-friendly UI and a variety of visual reports will help you make sense of the data and present it to your clients.

    We used to use Botify when it costed $50/mo, it was fun. Ahrefs pretty much reminds that, and it came free with our current subscription.


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  • Sitechecker

    5 reviews
    Sitechecker gives detailed tips how to improve the search visibility of your websites and helps to track your overall SEO progress.
  • Easter Eggs by HoverSignal

    4 reviews
    Add gamification to your website or online store. With our app, you can hide Easter eggs across your website and reward those who found them all with a discount coupon in exchange for their email addresses.

    We’ve used the other hoversignal apps and been super impressed by the tech; their team’s speed and responsiveness and the founder Mike 👍🏻 …

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  • ContentKing

    24 reviews
    Free options

    ContentKing is a Real-time SEO Auditing & Monitoring Platform. Thanks to 24/7 Monitoring and Alerting you can improve and maintain your search visibility with full situational awareness at all times. Because search engines never sleep.

    I'd recommend Contentkings if you are looking for an easy way to scale site auditing. The tool does some really great and unique checks like…

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  • RockingPage

    3 reviews

    RockingPage is a free tool that finds the most trending websites all over the internet based on popularity (Alexa Rank), social reach (Facebook Shares) and Authority (referring domains).

    Select from 3 segments: Big players, Rising stars, Newcomers and from 3 timeframes: daily, weekly, monthly.

    Subscribe to get pages that rock to your inbox.

    All in all a good tool to find out which is the most trending website with detail about the alexa rank and fb shares.

  • SEO Glossary by Serpstat

    7 reviews
    The purpose behind this list of 150 SEO terms and articles is to help you deepen your SEO knowledge. SEO is developing rapidly and we tried to make a resource to learn more about key concepts. The glossary is regularly updated so it is always ready to serve :)
  • SEO Writing Assistant by SEMrush

    SEO Writing Assistant helps content creators to ensure their texts are unique and written in an SEO-friendly style by providing recommendations for content optimization based on best-performing articles in Google’s top-10 for given keywords in a given location. Seamlessly integrates with Google Docs and Wordpress.

    I have been using SEMRUSH Writing assistant tool for about 3 months and all I have is great things to say about this. After a long I have f…

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  • FandangoSEO

    4 reviews

    FandangoSEO is a cloud SEO tool with a web crawler, a Log Analyzer and a Competitive Insights Tool that provides valuable information to master SEO strategies, have your site under control and outshine the competition.

    Our three key benefits:

    + SEO Crawler for Large websites (10-100M pages)

    + Comprehensive lists of issues

    + Visualization

    FandangoSEO changed how I reported to my managers, usually I was giving them screenshots from Excel (downloaded data, created the charts and…

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  • Squirrly 2018

    2 reviews

    Squirrly 2018 guides non-SEO experts every step of the way and offers a wide variety of tools to help you rank higher in Google.

    One of the links on the right is for the WP plugin. The other one is for the Web Application.

    There are over 200 features available to keep you ranking, more here.

    I love the number of SEO tasks this one application tackles; replacing the need for other multiple installs, yet it's not heavy - no negativ…

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  • Nightwatch

    3 reviews
    The Most Accurate Global & Local Rank Tracker on the Market: Nightwatch is designed to save SEO professionals hours of time by making accurate ranking data more accessible and offering easy-to-export beautiful, professional-looking reports for clients.
  • The SaaS Guide to Search Engine Optimization

    1 review

    SaaS SEO has its own set of challenges, so we created this guide specifically for SaaS founders and marketers to help you optimize your site, drive more traffic, and organize your company to see the best results you can.

    Over the years I've helped over 100 SaaS companies (like Grovo) grow, through advising and direct consulting.

    Every CEO, marketer or wannabe marketer should read this and then re-read 3 months later.

  • Hexometer

    8 reviews
    The Hexometer (HX) algorithm assigns each website a numeric value. That value is a particular website’s HX Rank calculated by a proprietary formula using public data about the domain name, the website's technical parameters and structure.

    I ike it

  • SEO App by SE Ranking

    Keep your SEO ball rolling whenever you have some time on hand.
    📈Check your keywords rankings, and scan your website for critical mistakes.
    ✅Add your website to popular listings, and find some SEO best practices to follow.
    📱Available on iOS and Android
  • SEO-Checker.io

    Free options
    SEO-Checker.io helps you to monitor and optimize your SEO efforts over time. We can provide unparalleled insight about how to improve your website real estate and increase traffic and conversions with an easy to digest audit report making your life easier.
  • Screpy

    3 reviews
    Screpy is an AI-based website analysis tool that lets you and your team analyze and monitor all your website metrics in one dashboard.
    Stop worrying about missing important website metrics or checking multiple platforms with Screpy.
  • SEO Prompts

    SEO Prompts sends out daily strategic SEO tasks to your email, each taking under 15 min. The goal is to take the headache out of SEO for frugal (yet serious!) website owners. It is an affordable solution for implementing SEO strategy yourself without expecting you to become an expert. In other words, SEO Prompts acts as your SEO project manager!

  • SEO Operating System

    2 reviews
    SEO isn't always easy, but this dashboard makes it easier simple. Plan, manage and scale your SEO in a powerful, all in one.
    Includes writing & research tools as well as over 2000 resources to turn your SEO efforts into gold 📈
  • LinkMiner

    LinkMiner is an easy-to-use backlink checker tool focusing on backlinks that matter. Use it to improve your SEO game.